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  • Frisk History

    History of Racial Bias with New York Police Department Stop and Frisk Policy New York utilize constitutional laws to govern its state, they relied on constitutional guidelines, for example; New York did not incorporate an express protection from unreasonable searches and seizures into the state constitution until 1938, relying instead upon Section 8 of the Civil Rights La. Section 12 of Article I of the State Constitution contains two paragraphs, the first identical to the Fourth Amendment and…

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  • Brian Brett A Suicide Analysis

    There will always be a hand willing to pull you out into brightness. “I became angry from wanting to die, failed attempts, and just being fed up with people,” said Brett A. Scudder a suicide attempt and domestic violence survivor. Scudder explained that one night in particular he was having suicidal thoughts and wanted to end his life; a call for help from a friend that also felt the same way prevented him from doing it. He is an advocate, counselor, mentor, life coach and suicide first aid…

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  • Essay On Segregation Between The Rich And The Poor

    Many people today would argue that cities are the causes of segregations of the wealthy and poor or the African Americans and the Europeans. The problem within that statement is not based entirely on which race is poorer or less privileged than the other but problems within cities and government to cause segregations between the rich and the poor. Cities are havens for the poor to reside as they having cheaper housing in some areas more so than the country side and suburban areas. But the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On New Jersey

    When someone mentions New Jersey, what do you envision? Many have called it the “armpit of America” or refer to it as “Dirty Jersey”. My home state of New Jersey is none of those and I want to share with you the “real” New Jersey as opposed to the New Jersey that is often represented by the media. New Jersey usually comes across as being filled with a bunch of Jersey Shore people who don’t pump their own gas, but in reality it has a family rich environment, especially in my hometown of…

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  • Essay On Stop And Frisk

    the United States has been very bad in the last couple decades, though in the more recent years’ crime has been steadily decreasing. The police have been implementing a way of reducing crime by using the method of stop and frisk mostly in cities such as New York City or Chicago which are more prominently used. Stop and frisk is when a police officer has reasonable suspicion that a crime is going to happen, about to happen, or has happened before stopping a suspect. The officer then goes on to do…

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  • American Council Of The Blind Vs Paulson Personal Statement

    passion for creative design after graduating from secondary school in Hong Kong, when I took a year off and worked as a visual merchandising trainee at a multi-brand fashion house. This was one of the most positive, life-changing experiences I have ever had. Not only did it give me a profession that I later became obsessed with, but it also served as a strong foundation for my professional and personal growth. I learned creative and innovative thinking from my mentor, whose inventiveness I…

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  • Pros And Cons Of San Francisco

    been pointed out. Everything about the city screams: Improve! Improve! Improve! Another interesting fact about San Francisco is that during the Great Depression not a single bank failed. San Francisco is truly the epicenter of world of ingenuity, allowing it to easily breeze into the number one spot. 2.New York, New York The lure of New york is impossible to emulate, it’s status as an icon is indisputable well deserved. The de-facto measure of success, New York forces you to step out of your…

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  • The Queens Borough Public Library: Business Analysis

    is one of the three library systems operating in New York City. The library has 62 locations all across Queens. Volunteering at the library for the past two summers has allowed me to further understand how Queens Library operates. I have always been curious about how the library system is able to be interconnected with all 62 branches. As a kid, I always wondered how they were able to keep track of everything. I could return and borrow books from any branch used to amaze me. Historically, Queens…

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  • Gentrification In Urban Areas

    in capital, social upgrading, displacement of older settlers and change in landscape. Many urban cities like Chicago, Michigan and Boston have experienced gentrification, however, it is affecting the Harlem residents more profoundly, uprooting the people who have been living there for decades, thus destroying…

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  • Narrative Essay: New York City Vs. Las Vegas

    something so new that I wasn’t accustomed to. I was more worried about college than the roaring of the storm outside my window. “Take this,” my grandmother whispered, interrupting my thoughts. She passed me a handheld candle. “Thank you,” I whispered back, taking the candle and holding it up to the foggy window. It was difficult to comprehend how a week ago I was in the United States in the middle of a beautiful, sunny summer with my friends. Now, I was in…

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