Gossip Girl Poem Analysis

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New York City has a culture that many cannot resist. Whether the city’s used in entertainment and the media, or just talked about, many people are fascinated with the New York lifestyle, culture and diversity. In a poem for The New York, Terrance Hayes shows the diversity on a single roof-top bar in Chinatown. He writes about the different types of people around him and the possibilities. His emphasize on this idea is clear when he writes “On a Chinatown rooftop in New York anything can happen” ("New York Poem." ).
As apartment prices in the city continue to rise, many wealthy are drawn in. With increasing demand and decreasing residential areas, the price of apartments are almost unreasonable. In 2015, the median sales price for a Manhattan
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Dottie Herman, chief executive of Douglas Elliman Real Estate said, “It seems like a lot of money anyplace else,” and “what you get for a million dollars is not a lot of space,”. This median price reflects the most wealthy people in the city as their over 30 million dollar homes are being factored in the the average (Higgins, Michelle). The high prices draws in the rich, which creates an extremely wealthy elite society that is usually displayed in the media, such as the television series, Gossip Girl. Although Gossip Girl is a fictional display of the elite, the author of the original series, Cecily von Ziegesar based the society around the girls she went to highschool with at an all girls private preparatory school on the Upper East Side. While the plots are very twisted and dramatized, there is something to say about having so much money you don’t know what do with it. This idea is illustrated through the teens who do what they want, illegal or not without consequences. Shows like Gossip Girl, create an unrealistic view of New York City’s culture. While there is a rich group of families, many are working hard just to pay their rent. The extremes can be shown on a …show more content…
Food is highly regarded in New York City and artsy coffee and brunch restaurants are extremely popular. Retail shopping is a prominent industry that has taken over many areas within Manhattan, such as SoHo and Herald’s Square. SoHo was once filled with brothels and deserted factories. But as artists began to illegal move into these lofts, the area’s wealth significantly rose (“Tracing Development Of Manhattan Block”). Today, SoHo is a popular shopping location for many with high-end and middle-end clothing stores. The city, packed with popular stores such as Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue, there is really no where you can go wrong when it comes to shopping. New York City is the center of fashion, and offers world-class creative talent, retail space in heavily-trafficked locations, some of the best production companies and fashion and design schools. NYC is also home to many headquarters of fashion designers and fashion retailers. New York City is a global icon and the cultural capital of the U.S. It provides a little bit of everything and many people are amazed by its potential. What happens in New York City is highly regarded and sets trends worldwide. When New York City became the first nation’s capital in 1782, New York City’s grew enormously which prompted developments that continue today. Status as a capital, allowed for New York City to become an enormous city-center filled with every possibility even after the capital

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