Comparing Two Cities Essay

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A small town and a big city might not always be thought of as being similar, but if you dig far enough, those similarities are right under the surface. Titonka, Iowa, is definitely considered a small town. Although small, Titonka has similar qualities to those of a big city. One particular city would be New York City, New York. New York is the largest city, by population, in the United States. These two cities have similar qualities when it comes to people, things to do, and monuments. These two cities also have differences. Titonka and New York differ when it comes to population, sections of the city, and the age of the city itself. Just because these two places may not seem similar from the outside, the contents of each city are similar in some ways, but both cities also contain their own differences. …show more content…
Titonka has a grocery store, a bar, a bank, a library, a community center, and used to have a school not too long ago. There may only be one of each of these places in Titonka, but New York has all of these places as well and there is more than one of each of these places. People like to gather outside the grocery store in the park or at the library or community center most of the time. New York isn’t much different because people like to gather together in places. In New York there is all of the places that Titonka has and there are also other places to go like museums and different types of shops. Because New York is so large, there are a lot of different places someone could work at. Someone could work at a grocery store, a gas station, a library, a museum, and even more places. In Titonka a person could work at almost all of these same places. Those hiring might not be in as bug demand, but someone can still work at almost all of the same places if living in either of these places. Both places have somewhere a person can work, but they also have places to learn about the city

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