Cultural Diffusion In New York City

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Known by many nicknames, including the “Empire State” and “The Big Apple” New York City is one of the most important places of the world. Throughout the diverse history New York has been the home of many talented and famous people. New York City has so many cultural attractions and many visitors flock more annually to experience the city. Did you know that the city was originally called New Amsterdam! Also during the 20th century more than 3 million people started immigrating to NYC due to its landmarks. The population increased due to cultural diffusion. I appreciate New York City because this city has helped me develop new ideas, such as how cultural diffusion affects us, independence, and equality. As a matter of fact NYC has helped me become an extroverted person and now curiosity takes the better of me. This city has helped me both mentally and physically. I love …show more content…
It all involves culture, people and fun. New York is all about the juxtaposition of people and cultures. In other words cultural diffusion is essential for the growth of New York. Cultural Diffusion is what happens when the cultural beliefs and social activities are spread through different ethnicities, religions, nationalities etc. In fact, NYC has one of the biggest populations which consist on different cultures and ethnicities, such as Latinos, Germans, Asians, Chinese, etc. Cultural diffusion affects NYC in both positive and negative ways. For example some benefits of cultural diffusion are that cultures can adopt new ideas and use them as they are or

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