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  • Creola Town History

    new, this shed is nearly one hundred and thirty years old. Though now it is used as a place for storing and repairing farm equipment, it was once a schoolhouse for the town of Eminence. Not only is the town of Eminence gone but also is the county it was a part of. Both are now just part of old farmer’s tales. At one time this plot of farmland was the center of a thriving community that was lost in a battle to ensure its survival. In 1885, a grant was issued from the state of Kansas to Creola Town Company for the formation of a town. A committee that was appointed to find a place for the county seat of Garfield County selected the location for the town. Originally the name Creola was requested in the town charter but it was found that “Creola” was already a town founded in Kansas. Community member Lyman Naugel suggested the name Eminence. The name of the town was…

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  • Small Town Living

    Big World Problems, Small Town Living Grover’s Corner, New Hampshire, the prototypical small town of America. Quiet, undisturbed, relaxing, and friendly describe Grover’s Corner perfectly. Of course, not everyone’s life style suits a life away from all the excitement that the world has to offer. Small town living may not allow for people to spend an elaborate night on the town in a grand place but it does give citizens the chance of growing close to a community that loves and cares about each…

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  • Negative Effects Of Small Towns

    Small towns are both negative and positive. There will be some positive things about a small town and some negative things about a small town. There are many reasons why a small town would be good, but there are just as many reasons why it would be bad. Here are some positive things about a small town and some negative. One positive thing about a small town would be less population. It is great to have a small population because if there are to many people there would not be any room. Scene…

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  • Our Town Colby Analysis

    Small Town Living Both Colby and Our Town are both small towns, but they both have their differences. Our Town has a population “within the city limits: 2, 640” (Wilder 15) and colby has a population of 5,419. Our Town is a little bit smaller than Colby, but they both show similar characteristics. In small towns everyone knows almost everyone who lives there. This can be good and bad because with everyone knowing each other, news spread like a wildfire. If people do something big everyone will…

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  • Living In A Small Town Essay

    Some people prefer to live in the small town where they grew up in and some prefer the big city, where there’s tons of excitement and plenty of things to do. Small towns are secluded, stress-free, and traditional for some. There are plenty of advantages of living in a small town compared then living in a big city. Living in a quiet, friendly environment where you know all of your neighbors because most of you grew up together. People never have to worry about crime happening or something serious…

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  • Difference Between The Culture Of A Small Town

    Because people who live in different regions show different ways of living, the culture in one place is different from the cultures of other places. Both residents from big cities and small towns have their own unique culture. Although it’s complicated for people to perfectly understand the comparisons between the culture of different places, there are three differences and a similarity between the culture of a small town and the culture of a big city. The first difference between the…

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  • Essay On Lack Of Care In Rural Towns

    healthcare in rural towns is an issue that I can relate with. I decided to write about this issue because a lot of people are unaware about it. This is an issue that is growing in America because cities are growing and towns are getting smaller. So they can’t afford to keep hospitals and clinics anymore. That means people in smaller towns have to travel to the bigger cities to get their healthcare. With the more people aware about the lack of healthcare in rural towns in the United States the…

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  • Life In Small Town

    The play Our Town, illustrates the true meaning of small town living. When living in a small town, people see a familiar face wherever they go and know everyone’s business. The life in a small town can lack options for entertainment at times. A person living in a town such as Colby might fall into a daily routine. The citizens of Grover’s Corners live a basic life throughout the majority of the play. The play portrays the daily life, love and marriage, and how delicate life can amount to.…

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  • Small Town Life Research Paper

    small town where I have never lived before besides when I was a baby. I had lived in California since I was a baby, I grew up in California. In California is were I was raised, it was a big city with many different towns that were only like ten to fifteen minutes away. I had fit so good there, I had my family and my friends that I grew up with and even a sport I was actually good at that I played in since I was 4 years old. Well my older sister Courtney had gotten far behind in school because…

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  • Country Town Vs. Big City

    When deciding between moving to a country town or a big city, there is much to take into consideration. It will be useful to know about career opportunities, cost of living and the education system. Although both a city and country town have there advantages and disadvantages, they greatly differ from one another. When choosing between the two it is essential to settle on the one that is most pliable to ones lifestyle. Knowing there will be jobs open, having a plan of the cost of…

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