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  • Personal Narrative: Melanie Martinez Concert

    When envisioning an oversized teddy bear, an old fashioned alphabet building block set, and a jack-in-the-box that is emanating a soothing tune, one might think they are in a child’s playroom. Unexpectedly, however, these things were found during a concert; a Melanie Martinez concert. Melanie’s style and general theme of her concerts can more than often be described as possessing a whimsical, carnival, feel due to her usage of circus props, such as a carousel, and distinct carnival pop tunes. This, along with her innocent yet powerful voice, has piqued the interest of many alternative music listeners. I am no exception. As of fall 2016, I had the pleasure to witness her eccentric performance unfold in live concert. The fantastic visuals, appealing melodies, and the warm atmosphere are the primary reasons attending a Melanie Martinez concert was a night to remember. The concert was held in Birmingham, Alabama at a concert venue called Saturn. It was solid brick…

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  • Block Toys Business Plan

    COMPANY NAME: Block Toys INTRODUCTION Toy is an object representing something familiar as an animal or person for children to play with. Toys provide entertainment as well as fulfill an educational role. They enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity of the children. Toys help in developing the physical and mental skills of the children, which are necessary for the life. Toys are very low price, high volume and thin margin products with really good safety records. As your child…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Observation Of Blocks

    more lively and louder in volume than it was in my previous visit. As Ethan was playing in the block area he was the only one in this area. Grabbing blocks one by one, Ethan aligned the blocks in different zig zap paths. Instead of building a structure with the blocks, Ethan would jump over them and walk on top of them. Attempting to go faster and faster each time. Once he would jump/ walk over a path back and forth he would change the blocks into a different type of formation. After doing this…

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  • Running Record Observation for a Preschooler

    He says, "I am playing with this." showing the airplane to that boy. Tom talks to the boy, " Why don't you build something else?". He swirls his airplane into the air in a circle with making "ah~~~" sound. He put it down on the floor and picks up a small wood block. He moves his block on the tracks that other boys already built together with long wood blocks. He stands up and walks to the container and pick up more blocks. He puts the block on the track and moves it like a toy car. When he sees…

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  • Observation Of Observing Children

    John emptied the container with the geometric shapes in it onto the table. John began to move the pieces around on the table. Although there were other children at the table, John’s attention was on the geometric shapes, until another child grabbed one of the pieces. John raised his voice and said “no”; then hit the other child. When the teacher approached John, he began to run. John went to the dramatic play area, where the three children already playing there told him he couldn’t play.…

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  • Toys-R-Us Business Analysis

    Toys-R-Us is one of the largest and most well-known toys stores around the world, having more than 1,800 stores worldwide (“Our History”). Which means kids all over the world can get hyped up about wondering around this toy store, begging to spend their parents’ money. The primary competitors would be other toy stores or hobby shops. Build-a-Bear workshop, Disney Toy Stores, HobbyTown USA, and pretty much any other places that specializes in toys and play things for kids. Toys-R-Us secondary…

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  • Interview On Toys

    For the interview , I asked a Quincey -playing in the building area, building with blocks, what is favorite toy was, and he grabbed some building blocks, and stacked them ,and replied ” Blocks are my favorite toys , especially the green ones.” I asked him “why” , and he responded that - “you can build towers.” He said “you can build a red tower, a blue one, a green one, and lastly a yellow one.” Quincey stated he also enjoyed counting them. He is fully engaged in building, and can build small…

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  • Descriptive And Indirect Functional Assessment

    The B.A.T. clinical team went observe Oscar in a school setting. Oscar is in a severe ID class. When the clinical team arrived Oscar was in the sensory room with two aides and three other classmates. Oscar walked around the sensory room and played with a sensory toy, in which he turned or rolled. Oscar was observed mouthing large foam blocks. Oscar also mouth strings of metal beads. Each time Oscar mouth something, an aide would block and redirect him. The aides added that Oscar use to mouth…

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  • Kids Emotional Development Essay

    Kids’ emotion development by music KIDS MUSIC BLOCKS 1. Analysis/Needs Assessment Introduction: Defining the Learning Problem/need It is easier to understand how important physical growth and development is for kids but what about the emotional development? When our kids grow taller, or learn to walk, it’s so obvious to see. Yet when our kids understand how to share, take turns or make their own friends, it’s often not noticed. My design can help kids with mental health develop.…

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  • LEGO Harvard Business Case Group Analysis

    more inclined to request technology focused toys, parents will be loyal to the LEGO name and purchase the toy because they consider it “good for their children.” The toy itself requires children to think creatively as they build and rebuild different structures each time they choose to play with the toy, this strategic thinking is why parents will continuously be loyal to the brand. The company, dates back to 1916 and was built off of…

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