Living In A Small Town Essay

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Some people prefer to live in the small town where they grew up in and some prefer the big city, where there’s tons of excitement and plenty of things to do. Small towns are secluded, stress-free, and traditional for some. There are plenty of advantages of living in a small town compared then living in a big city. Living in a quiet, friendly environment where you know all of your neighbors because most of you grew up together. People never have to worry about crime happening or something serious because the community would help each other when they are in need. Living around the same people most of your life, you eventually become one big family. Like my mom says, “In a small town you’re one big family, but in a large city you’re just a face in a sea of faces.” You’ll never feel lonely when you have zero to do …show more content…
One of the conditions that helps us to be healthy is good weather and less population. Living in a place with less pollution such as air pollution helps us to have a healthier life that leads to less stress and more happiness. Big cities have big factories everywhere polluting the air from thousands of cars and making different things. We don’t realize how much stuff we’re breathing in, like smog and fumes from car exhaust. Small towns have barely any factories and not as many cars driving around as cities. The people of the town actually care about having weather that is fresh, trees that are green with a lot of oxygen. They also care about watering plants and growing things in their seasons. Living in small towns can make life easier and simple. Towns have traditions that are passed down from generations to generations. For example, in some towns most people go to the Friday night football game at the town’s only high school. It’s a way to see old classmates and have a nice family night. Everyone has different preferences but to me small towns allows you to enjoy the little things in

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