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  • The Effects Of Social Media, And Town Criers

    imagine fighting without communication. I can only assume that would end horribly. There seems to definitely be a reoccurring trend with ancient civilizations. I cannot imagine life without some form of communication, even primitive communication. Jumping a bit more forward now we are getting closer to present day. Not too much closer but slowly but surely we are getting there. We are now entering the time of Town Criers this was basically 146 BC well into the 18th century. Not much can exactly be said for this. It was a gentleman that would pretty much ring a bell in the village or town square and he would read the current news and events. Well not just read typically he would shout quite loudly. That’s literally it. That honestly makes me wonder why such a normal and easy concept was kept around for so long. The answer is simple, it was cheap and effective. One great example of the town crier concept would Spartan runner’s running back to their Greek city states to warn of the impending Roman conquest that was coming. When I think of a town crier I think of Disney movies. Town Cries were more of British thing. They were basically a walking text message; they would spread news from one location to…

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  • The Lottery Summary

    The Lottery Plot June 27 arrived in the form of a bright morning; sunlight bringing out the vivid colors of the flowers and the grass, and heralding in a day of longstanding tradition in a rural town. On this morning, the annual lottery was to be held. Townspeople gathered together, socializing, sharing stories, remarking on the day’s work and last year’s lottery as children played and gathered stones into a pile. They took time each year to participate in this time-honored tradition, but not…

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  • Apia Case Study

    The growth rate of population and pressure of urbanization are increasing for a long period of time. Like any growing town, Apia is under increasing pressure to maintain adequate services to its urban population. There are two disadvantages need to be mentioned for environment and human health. However, based on the strategies mentioned above, the problem of uncontrolled waste water will be solved and it is important to keep the environment clean and human health in Apia. Apia has urbanization…

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  • Essay On Mill Area Analysis

    walkability and accessibility, should be complex, legible and have integrity, should have flexible space, and include multiple functions. For our mill area, the Mill building is historic landmark to be the focal point within its district. It has advantageous location to achieve high accessibility. The demission of the site is small, which is easy to be enclosed if dense trees are planted with appropriate height and surrounding buildings share continuous façades. The pedestrian is not currently…

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  • Urban Expansion

    The industrial age has change how the world is being structured. During the agricultural age, the land was mainly used to produce food for sustaining both human and animals. As we moved into the industrial, factories and city centers began being built. There arose a need for adequate living arrangements for the people that worked in the factories and city centers. Urban areas designed to accommodate large numbers of families began to spring up around these factories and city centers. Fast…

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  • Essay On Lack Of Care In Rural Towns

    healthcare in rural towns is an issue that I can relate with. I decided to write about this issue because a lot of people are unaware about it. This is an issue that is growing in America because cities are growing and towns are getting smaller. So they can’t afford to keep hospitals and clinics anymore. That means people in smaller towns have to travel to the bigger cities to get their healthcare. With the more people aware about the lack of healthcare in rural towns in the United States the…

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  • Garden Party Setting

    Setting: The Garden Party was written in 1922, shortly after the end of WW1. The story is set mostly in the garden of the Sheridan’s house which is based one the author’s childhood home in Wellington, New Zealand. The first part of teh story is set in a festive, light mood on a “perfect day.” (Mansfield 1) The sky is described as “without a cloud” (Mansfield 1) futher representing the light mood which seems to take away all your worries. In contrats, the second half of the story is set in the…

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  • Georges Vernez's Argumentative Essay On Immigration

    have been sending immigrants through a rigorous test in order to enter. The real question is if this creates the best outcome for all. This plan will in fact create the best situation for all, by creating self-sufficient towns that will require jobs and residents. It will create jobs, abolish poverty and welfare, and create economic competition. Author Georges Vernez , in his essay on immigration, states "Immigrants have contributed to the nation 's economic growth... At the same time, their…

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  • Difference Between The Culture Of A Small Town

    Because people who live in different regions show different ways of living, the culture in one place is different from the cultures of other places. Both residents from big cities and small towns have their own unique culture. Although it’s complicated for people to perfectly understand the comparisons between the culture of different places, there are three differences and a similarity between the culture of a small town and the culture of a big city. The first difference between the…

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  • Social Issues In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    Fiction Essay: Social Issues In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” a seemingly quiet peaceful village has a hidden dark side. Once a year, on the 27th of June, the entire town assembles to partake in the lottery, however, instead of winning a tremendous prize the ‘winner’ gets stoned to death. An old black box is the vessel that holds the townspeople fate, and after decades of use, it has become worn and shabby. Every year Mr. Summers tried to convince the townspeople to build a new box, yet…

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