The Effects Of Social Media, And Town Criers

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We have learned many things over the course of this semester. To me the most interesting portion of anything to do with communications would be social media. The reason why is relatively simple. Social media has been there since people were around. From the time of Neanderthals to present day as I sit here and type this. Social media has been around as long as communications has been around.
If I had to define social media I would call it something loosely along the lines of a message of some type distributed through a medium that makes that message visual or more tangible to the recipient. This paper will be about how social media has been there from the beginning, there may be a small bit in there about the effects of social media throughout
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For example, imagine a Roman war without communication, imagine fighting without communication. I can only assume that would end horribly. There seems to definitely be a reoccurring trend with ancient civilizations. I cannot imagine life without some form of communication, even primitive communication.
Jumping a bit more forward now we are getting closer to present day. Not too much closer but slowly but surely we are getting there. We are now entering the time of Town Criers this was basically 146 BC well into the 18th century. Not much can exactly be said for this. It was a gentleman that would pretty much ring a bell in the village or town square and he would read the current news and events. Well not just read typically he would shout quite loudly. That’s literally it. That honestly makes me wonder why such a normal and easy concept was kept around for so long. The answer is simple, it was cheap and effective. One great example of the town crier concept would Spartan runner’s running back to their Greek city states to warn of the impending Roman conquest that was coming. When I think of a town crier I think of Disney movies. Town Cries were more of British thing. They were basically a walking text message; they would spread news from one location to

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