Manhattan Analysis Essay

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Manhattan Analysis: A Discussion of Urban Life and Urban Planning As along with the rapid development of science and advanced technology, people’s life style in urban area is dramatically changed with the outstanding improvement of the urban planning and management. In the movie Manhattan directed by Woody Allen, described a romantic story of four people’s life in Manhattan, the importance of the urban planning to people’s urban life is obviously discovered by the main characters’ compliment and reliant feelings to the Manhattan. A city’s culture is represented by it’s buildings, traffic system, design of urban structure and so on, and it has a tremendous impact on people’s life; therefore, urban life has a direct relationship with the …show more content…
It is universally acknowledged that bad traffic system will have negative influence on people’s urban life and good urban planning on traffic system will appeal more people to the city. For example, Manhattan as one of the most business and populous city, the traffic system is famed as its problem of nightmare traffic congestion. However, in the movie Manhattan, there were a lot of private automobiles on the street, but the traffic is not as bad as today. In Life Style website, it listed one of the most serious problem of traffic congestion “Given that this hour is what people consider as “rush hour” about 80% of Filipinos get jammed in traffic; reporting an average of two hours spent on the road before getting home.” (Life Style). Therefore, a terrible traffic system will directly influence people’s urban life. Moreover, a good public traffic system can provide comfortable and convenient urban experience to people’s life, because it can reduce people’s unnecessary traveling time which can boost a positive economy in the city and it can reduce the air pollution. Thus, public traffic system, as one of the urban planning, it has a direct relationship with people’s urban life, and the great traffic system will make people’s life more

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