Texas Road Congestion

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As a conclusion for this data, not only does that mean more people in our region but it also means more car on the roads. (Mac Churchill) The population rate is higher than the roads, which means more cars, more congestion and traffic on the highways and alternative roads.
The population in Texas keeps growing and growing. This is due to a lot of job opportunities that the states offers. But this also brings the issue that most of the jobs are in the urban area, downtowns. This causes the congestion for traffic on the main freeways for instance 59, I10, 610, 45 and Katy. According to Jillson, two-thirds of Texans live within 20 miles of the main freeways causing heavy traffics and crowded roads, because most of the citizens has to drive the
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Texas being oil rich and one of the top producers in this field is the main reason for having these heavy trucks circulating in the main roads. Texas roads are not adequate to sustain such as heavy weight from the 18 wheelers causing a huge damage. Therefore even if the roads get fixed they will be destroyed again for two reasons. The first reason is they are not fixed when the damage is minor and even if they are fixed it, the roads are just very lightly maintained. This makes the deficiencies even worse to be able to support those heavy trucks because they are not well maintained. And the second reason is because these 18 wheelers are not just heavy as the double of a regular automobile, they are exponentially higher than the regular weight. (Budzynski, …show more content…
although the roads are not as bad as the used to be in the mid-eighteenth, Texas is still affected for these disasters. The accumulation of water, wave loads, inundation of the deck and bridges, and also the poor spending in the roads is what make Texas infrastructures very dangerous in the long run.
The state doesn’t spend a lot of money on Texas infrastructure and that is a fact. Seems that the funding problem is a big issue, so instead of sitting down and wait for this problem to get fixed, the state should try to save money. The Texas department of transportation should start from fixing minor damages because they cost less money instead of waiting for the damage to get worse which will lead to a higher cost in order to fix it. The infrastructure in the states seems to not be able to keep up with the population growth. The damages in the roads affect the performance of the infrastructures by having an alarming effect on the roadway. Not only because it looks bad for our state, but it also because affects the bridges performances and cause major accidents and crashes in the roads. Due to the shortage of funds, the Texas department of transportation should put more effort in preserving the road to make of these region a better safe place in the

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