Dangers Of Speeding Essay

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The apprehending of speeding on neighborhood streets are probably the most endless problem facing residents and traffic official. Although residential streets have the lowest traffic volume and suffer the fewest traffic crashes, they are the single largest consumer of a traffic engineer’s time and energy. As a resident and motorist, do you have what it takes to control and fight against motorist that speeding in our neighborhood or are you one of those speeders/neighborhood that does not even care? Drivers should be aware of speed limit in different areas/places and what consequences of crossing the constraints areas, because it puts our citizens’ fear for children, pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Here are some issues that need to look …show more content…
Speed humps are very familiar, while some agree that it is inexpensive and effective in slowing speeds, the others concerned that speed bumps might impede fire trucks and other emergency vehicle. In addition, for this reason, city departments usually conduct an extensive evaluation of the site before installing. Speed bumps are like stop signs, more often have a negative effect on adjacent streets. Most drivers' often change-driving pattern to stay away the bum p simply moves the issue from one street to another. Speed limit sign is one of the popular traffic calming that usually noticed once entering neighborhood. Installing speed limit signs seem to be reasonable solution to refresh drivers not to speed. Nevertheless, numerous studies show that it is only have a little impact on actual driving speeds. More often, drivers ignored posted speed limit sign and drive the way they are comfortable or consider convenient. Speed limit sign are the most uncomplicated to install, but how does this kind of traffic calming will help the community if drivers will just ignore it. One but lastly to consider traffic calming plan in the neighborhood is the radar speed signs, which is also inexpensive and many agree that it is highly effective in slowing traffic. A radar sign requires power to operate. Some are, predesigned with a battery that requires ongoing charging and some are solar powered sign. How does a radar speed sign calm

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