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  • Gossip Girl Poem Analysis

    New York City has a culture that many cannot resist. Whether the city’s used in entertainment and the media, or just talked about, many people are fascinated with the New York lifestyle, culture and diversity. In a poem for The New York, Terrance Hayes shows the diversity on a single roof-top bar in Chinatown. He writes about the different types of people around him and the possibilities. His emphasize on this idea is clear when he writes “On a Chinatown rooftop in New York anything can happen”…

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  • Culture In The Great Gatsby

    Some people may oppose the fact that new money is better than old money. In F. Scott Fitzgerald 's book "The great Gatsby" the author compares all characters of new money and old money in New York and Long Island. Not only did Fitzgerald compare the money she compared the culture.The culture during the 1920s in New York was formal opposed to Long Island where the culture was extravagant. To begin with, In Fitzgerald 's novel the main character, Nick Carraway, is living on the west egg of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Visit To New York City

    She was a southern belle who easily integrated into the fasted pace life of a New Yorker. She moved to New York at a later point in her life, but that never seemed to slow her down. She was the epitome of sophistication, brilliance, and commitment. To me, she represented everything a woman ought to be. I was eight when I went to visit my grandmother in New York City for the first time. I saw then that this city changed her life and I knew it was beginning to change mine. My cautious mother…

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  • The Cooper Union Address: Documentary Analysis

    During the 19th century, New York was an average populated area that will then multiply its population at an incredible rate. It was throughout this period that New York experienced revolutionary change. According to historian Kenneth T. Jackson, “in 1800 New York had only 100,000 people and by 1900 it had 50 times as many people”. The documentary begins by telling the life of Walt Whitman as a child born in long island who enjoyed playing baseball in the vacant fields. The documentary talks…

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  • Animals In New York City

    New York’s Central Park has always been known for the uniquely beautiful garden in the middle of the city to escape from the loud and busy city streets. Horse carriages have been a traditional way of transportation for people to get around the city or central park and are ranked 5th out of 155 top activities to do in New York City. However, Bill Blasio, mayor of New York City, pledged that one of his first acts would be to ban horse carriages considering them to be abusive and inhuman to the…

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  • Essay On Gentrification

    Statement of issue
The intent of this policy brief is to argue for gentrification in the City of New York. Gentrification in New York City has been a major role-player in the city's economic wealth because at its core, it is an urban "renewal" process. It allows the city to thrive economically, which in turn allows for investment in other aspects of the city such as schools and transportation. However, the rise of gentrification has an impact on every resident, whether it be good or bad.…

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  • Eat A Bowl Of Tea Analysis

    Marital Strife in Eat a Bowl of Tea and Falling Man Though separated by different time periods, areas of New York, and even cultures, the novels Eat a Bowl of Tea by Louis Chu and Falling Man by Don DeLillo are similar in their depiction of the marital crisis. In the novel Eat a Bowl of Tea, the main character Ben Loy lives in Chinatown in the 1940s with his wife, who is having an affair with his cousin. In the novel Falling Man, the main character Keith lives in lower Manhattan in 2001 (post-…

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  • Save Money At Expensive Places

    Know I know that traveling is expensive. There are many methods of travel, such as by car, airplane, or boat. Most people want to spend more time at their vacation spot instead of traveling. If someone is going on a road trip, then they will spend most of their time traveling. On a road trip, there can be many spots that they stop at. When people go on vacation, they want to get away from what is around them. What I Would Like to Know I have a few questions to ask in order to find the right…

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  • Segregation In New York

    As of 2010, the population in New York, NY was roughly 8,175,133. According to the Census Quick Facts Sheet, the racial population consists heavily of three races in 2010: White alone (44.0%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (28.6%), ending in Black or African American (25.5%). The remaining races all fall under 15%: American Indian and Alaska Native (0.7%), Asian (12.7%), Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (0.1%), Two or more races (4.0%). Segregation trends between 1980/1990 and 2010…

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  • The Tipping Point Chapter 4 Analysis

    In chapter four his book The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the crime epidemic in New York City in the 1980’s, and more so what happened to turn the epidemic around. With compelling and intricate arguments, he detailed how something called the Power of Context and the Broken Windows Theory managed to turn the New York subways, and eventually the city as a whole around from alarming high amounts of crime to the widespread belief that shooting someone on the subway was a radial…

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