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  • Visual Art In The 1920's

    generations were jumping onto the new era of the pop culture and extending their creativity by breaking traditional styles and themes. Influenced by the developing world, the visual arts also did the same, “[a] the 1920s was all about testing the status quo and producing something innovative and dynamic. Themes of sexuality, technology and social progress were prominent in the art and culture of the decade”(" American Art, Pop Culture & Literature of the 1920s") . New artistic movements…

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  • Summary: Kick Tuner Dead House In Ashes

    Kick Tuner Dead, House in Ashes “Just this past week, a tragedy occurred in our fair town. 789 Lowson Blvd, home to Kick Turner, has burnt down to the ground. The causes are left unknown and the suddenness of it startled many, including the police. Neighbors said they heard a creaking sound and by the time they went to check their windows, the house was already entirely engulfed in fire. “The structure was already falling apart! It was so sudden, the only thing I could do is call the fire…

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  • Alexander Hamilton's Birth Date

    Alexander Hamilton was one of the important pioneers in the early formation of the American government. He participated in Washington's Revolutionary War from 1777 to 1781. After the war, Hamilton co-wrote the famous 'Federalist' Papers with John Jay and James Madison, which served as a primary source for Constitutional interpretation. Hamilton signed his essays as 'Publius'. President Washington appointed Hamilton as the country's first Secretary of the Treasury in 1789. He held this post until…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To New York City

    It was the middle of November, my family and I took a road trip to New York City. As we arrived to the city, we had to wait a few minutes to cross the George Washington Bridge because there was a lot of traffic. After waiting for a while we drove across the bridge and as we made our way across I saw a lot of skyscrapers, including the New World Trade Center and the Empire State Building. We arrived to a place where we had to wait for more than an hour to get on a ferry boat that would take us…

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  • Nighthawks' By Edward Hopper: Painting Analysis

    Edward Hopper created the beautiful painting titled Nighthawks. It is made from oil on canvas. He created the painting in 1942 and he was inspired to create it because of a restaurant on New York’s Greenwich Avenue. Fluorescent light came into use in the early 1940’s. Nighthawks is a painting showing four people in a restaurant late at night. The lines in the painting are mostly straight with a few curves. The lines are mostly straight to make the buildings more structured. The shapes are…

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  • Dorothy Lavinia Brown Research Paper

    org/aah/brown-dorothy-lavinia-1919-2004) Brown was born on January 7, 1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a couple of weeks after her birth, her mother and Brown moved to upstate New York. Once she turned five-months-old she was placed in adoption at Troy Orphan Asylum (soon was renamed Vanderhyden Hall) in Troy, New York. This orphanage is where Brown's thought of her career took place. When Brown had her tonsillectomy at five, she had an immediate interest in medicine. She was never…

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  • Poem Analysis: Hey Black Child By Useni Perkins

    The Harlem Renaissance was a time of empowerment and cultural growth for African Americans and this is reflected in the literature form that era. In the empowering poem, “Hey Black Child” by Useni Perkins the speaker explores the idea of self-empowerment in order to promote the idea of cultural advancement. Perkins uses repetition to convey the message that if young black children remain hopeful and remember that they matter and they can acquire achievement through dedication and education they…

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  • Desi Arnaz Timeline

    Chronological/Timeline: Desi Arnaz (Alfredo) I am sitting down with a drums by me and when somebody touch me, I play the drums then I say, “BABALOO”, then I stand up and start to tell my history. I am Desi Arnaz. On March 2nd, 1917, I was born, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. My parents were Dolores de Acha y Desiderio Alberto Arnaz ll. On June 1st, 1934, my family moved to Miami, Florida, after being forced out of our home due to the Cuban Revolution. I was seventeen years old when I became a…

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  • Prohibition Laws In The 1920's

    candidate for president, ran with the slogan, “A Return to Normalcy.” This slogan was Harding’s way of saying that America simply wanted to forget the horrors of the Great War and try to get back to how life was before. American’s were introduced to new things during that time period including jazz and the first automobiles. Not to mention the crime rates skyrocketed due to the illegalization of alcohol and the number of gangs formed due to drug trafficking. First of all, the return to normalcy…

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  • Lin Manuel Miranda Research Paper

    I believe that the most influential person in the last 100 years is Lin-Manuel Miranda. Lin was born on January 16, 1980. He is a writer and actor. He has written and starred in such musicals as 21 Chump Street, In the Heights, Bring it On, and (his most well known musical) Hamilton. I believe he is one of the most influential person because of his musicals, he's revered as the modern day Shakespeare, and his effect on the image of musicals. Reason #1; his musicals. His musical 21 Chump Street…

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