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  • Anne Hutchinson Dbq

    the monarchy was restored, the ANglican Church came back, and Charles II gave Carolina to English supporters Pequot War-the Pequot Indians and New Netherland controlled the fur trade and wampum together. in 1637, the settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts attacked a Pequot village. the Pequot resistance was over at the end of 1637 King Philip’s War- In 1657, three Wampanoag indians were executed and their leader King Philip was almost arrested for the death of a Christian Indian. Later, more Wampanoags were shot for robbery and this started the war. The Indians invaded New England and killed a twentieth of the colonists but England cut off food to them and sold many to slavery while the rest escaped to New York and Canada. this stopped resistance for white expansion William Penn Quakers-Penn was planning on a holy experiment based on the teachings of George Fox. Penn supported Quakers who believed god gave them an “inner light”. He also…

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  • New England Colonies Dbq

    Island. Roger Williams’ “A Plea for Religious Liberty,” he mentions how God did not require a uniformity, a sameness of religion to be enforced due to the fact that it will occasionally bring civil war (document F). Other than internal matters and beliefs, the colonist faced another issue that also involves persons with different belief than their own but this issue does help develop the colonies socially and economically. Many encounters with the Indians for land, soon led to war. Settlers who…

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  • How Did The Algonquians Influence English Settlement In Virginia

    that was observed by many Indigenous communtities and was celebrate by the 53 surviving Pilgrims, along with Massasoit and 90 of his men. Squanto remained in Plymouth to teach the Pilgrims how to survive in New England, for example using dead fish to fertilize the soil. For the first few years of colonial life, the fur trade (buying furs from Native Americans and selling to Europeans) was the dominant source of income beyond subsistence farming. Something was boiling between the two groups…

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  • Proprietary Colony Essay

    mission on the continued attention of the motherland, this Restoration proved to be detrimental for their quest to spread Puritanical ideals and purify the Anglican Church. With the turmoil and change in England came a lesser focus on the prospering colonies in New England, so John Winthrop’s idea of “the eyes of all people” on New England’s progress and successes failed to work in this instance. Thus, the Restoration prevented the Puritans from fully succeeding. Pequot War: The Pequot War in…

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  • Essay On Native American Religion

    But instead of the native style of warfare, which took hostages, but had a few casualties, the Europeans massacred the Native Americans, including women and children. These terror tactics shocked the First Nation people. This is one of those examples of greed. The settlers wanted all the land and the natives were probably so fed up. First the settlers come, then they force their religion on them, than they attack them. Captain John Underhill wrote about the Pequot War of 1637 in his News from…

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  • Pequot Indians Essay

    The growth of New England really sparked trouble with the Indians who owned the land. The New Englanders were prepared for any kind of conflict, even though they had several allies. John Winthrop assisted in training the settlers to fight, by teaching them to use firearms. There were puritans in town selling illegal firearms to the to the Indians. For several years the encounters were off and on with light contact. The European disease had taken its toll on the Indians and stricken by death a…

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  • Everell Flecher's In Hope Leslie

    In the story, Magawisca tells the reader that the Pequots, who live on a hill, are able to see all around them. The day is quiet and peaceful; the men are out fishing. A little before dawn the next day, Magawisca’s mother goes out looking for her son because it is late and she has a bad feeling that something bad is going to happen. She meets a member of the tribe and has a conversation with him about her son. The next thing they know dogs start to bark. The English has come. In the bloodshed…

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  • The Pequot War Analysis

    The Pequot War was a conflict between the English Colonists and Pequot tribe. Many scholars and historians have had difficulty explaining why the war had occurred in the first place. Some say it was for religious reasons, while others say it was so that the English could take over the market. Katherine A. Grandjean, who is an assistant professor of history at Wellesley College, argues in her article “New World Tempests: Environment, Scarcity, and the Coming of the Pequot War” that “to a degree…

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  • Pequot War Analysis

    The Pequot War impacted several important leaders known as Mason, Underhill, Vincent and Gardener. The monograph has to deal with the accounts of all these important leaders experiences during the Pequot War, and provides a good source for detail to detail of what was occurring during that time in the 1600s, during the Pequot War. The introduction introduces what the Pequot tribe has, how much strength does the tribe really have, and it provides why the Pequot war want to have warfare with the…

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  • Pequot Tribe Research Paper

    Every Indian tribe is different, some may be similar but no two tribes are exactly the same. The Pequot tribe, known for their trade in beadwork and basketry, is located in what is now known as Connecticut, near rivers. The men hunt their own food, which are wild animals, such as deer, while the women in the tribe stick to planting crops. Unfortunately the Pequots were blamed for the death of someone whom they never killed. After the war that ended in 1638 there was a treaty signed in which it…

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