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  • Elements Of A Lesson Plan

    discover the rules of the grammar point. What type of activity has Joanna employed? Discovery activity When reading the journals that your students keep, you notice that a lot of the students are talking about their daily activities. To help them with this writing, you decide to do a lesson on common activities and adverbs of frequency. Which verb tense or mood will also be covered in this lesson? (Simple present) Identify the tense of the bolded verb: I have been living in Miami for two years.(None of the above) Which sentence is in the present perfect?(They have lived on Mulberry Street.) Select the verb that is conjugated into past continuous: It ________________ beautifully. (was singing) Identify the tense of the bolded verb: They were building a new house. (Past continuous) To discuss activities that occurred at an indefinite time in the past, which of the following verb tenses would you use? (present perfect) When using past time clauses to describe interrupted events, what are the tenses used in the time clause and the main clause, respectively? (Past continuous, simple past) Identify the error in the following sentence: I didn't used to like Brussels sprouts, but now I do. (negative statements are written with use to.) Which of the following time expressions is not commonly used with the simple past? (In two weeks) Simple past and Used to * How is the base form of a regular verb in the simple past different when conjugating for affirmative…

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  • Atrium Fire Case Study

    under certain conditions, atrium can be used as a stack to extract smoke when its adjacent floor catches fire. Atrium is a large shaft; it can lead smoke to flow out by flooding flow, which is helpful to prevent smoke from spreading to the adjacent building Whether flooding flow will occur in an atrium when its adjacent floor catches fire depends on the aspect ratio of an atrium under fire ( γf ). Where γf = A/H2 From the results of simulations, when γf ≤ 0.157 , and there is open vents…

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  • Symbolism In The Heroic Slave By Frederick Douglass

    with its motives and facts, is recorded in a published document called Nat Turner's Confessions, written by a white lawyer upon interviewing Turner in prison after the insurrection. It is the most accurate and detailed document available on the revolt. Frederick Douglass, on the other hand, after gaining his freedom, published literary works that include his own narrative of his life and some short stories. One of his short stories is a fictional account of a slave revolt called The Heroic…

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  • Tender Buttons

    She uses only several words in writing one entire poem, and I’m very sure that it is so confusing to most of her readers, but in the meanwhile, each and every word has its own meaning and goal. Her famous poem about Picasso (282) is written entirely in only a couple of words; she repeats the same exact words over and over again. I mean, this is the woman who said, “Rose is a rose, is a rose is a rose.” On top of that, and as I said previously, Stein only cares about making the end rhyme sound…

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  • My Influence

    Influence The right or wrong words that we hear in specific situations, from people who we love, when we are growing up, can be an important influence on the way we see the world. I feel graceful for all the people that I have met, because one way or another they are part of my life. One person has been a big influence on me, she is my mother, and the most important lessons in my life came from a trivial story. I was 16 years old cursing my sophomore year in high school. As a teenager in the…

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  • Verbal Aspect Analysis

    The simple present and the present progressive encode semantic meaning through a combination of devices. From general to specific, these semantic devices are: (a) nature of the specific verbal aspect, (b) inherent semantic properties of the verb, (c) aspectual classes of the verb, and (d) core meanings of the verb predicate. Below is the essence of each semantic device, presented in the order just mentioned. Nature of Verbal Aspect. Exploration of the nature of verbal aspect can be traced back…

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  • Feinility Vs. Masculinity In Chinua's Things Fall Apart

    being less than desirable. The protagonist in the story, Okonkwo, is the champion of this thought. As what would happen to him seems to happen to the Ibo. When Okonkwo disagrees he is usually correct and the tribe would suffer the same fate and vice versa. In the novel the Chi is a powerful spirit that determines a man's lot in life. One such instance is when Okonkwo was disbanded from his home for a Feminine murder; Clearly his personal god or Chi was not made for great things. A man…

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  • Chinese Grammatical System Essay

    Modern Chinese grammatical system need to have a particular form that would allow actions or verbs to express various progresses of the state in each situation; therefore, it needs a particle to be added to the sentence to achieve this need. Chinese grammar is not similar to English grammar, in which English can add -ing onto the end of a verb to show the ongoing state of an action. Chinese has many particles such as le, zhe, guo that are being used in the sentences to add aspectual values to…

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  • ESL Grammar Essay

    Present, past, or future perfect are one of the hardest parts of ESL grammar because the form and usage are complicated. Students of ESL know the verb have as “possession” not as auxiliary verb. The requisite past participle forms can be confusing. For example, I 've gotten a new pet is not the same as I 've got a new pet. In addition, “present perfect tense can be used for a past event such as I have lived in Japan before, a current event “I have lived here since 2007”, and a future event…

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  • Dolce And Gabbana Advertisement Analysis

    the people are sexy and attractive. Another name brand that’s feeding right along into this fabulous lifestyle that can be all yours with the purchase of our product is Gucci. The advertisement for a Gucci perfume/cologne in Cosmopolitan I came across was without doubt the most bizarre one yet. It definitely succeeded in making me stop and look instead of just flipping past the page. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable but also intrigued at the same time. I was shocked and confused with what…

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