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Register to read the introduction… (Describing the characteristics of another noun.)
Which of the following is true of phrasal verbs? (Phrasal verbs use particles which often look like prepositions.)
Following certain verbs, a gerund and an infinitive can be interchanged without changing the meaning of the sentence. (true)
Which of the following verbs can take on both gerunds and infinitives? (Neglect)
A gerund functions as a plural noun. (false)
Reading native English passages can be intimidating for English language learners because they often think that if they do not understand every word in the passage they will not gain anything from the reading. It is important that teachers let their students know that most native English speakers do not read every word in a sentence, and may not even know every word in a sentence. This is the case with most people when they read in their native language. As language teachers, it is important to develop a variety of reading skills in your students. The four basic reading skills that are used in every language are skimming, scanning, intensive reading and extensive reading. Match the reading skill in the left column to the example where you would use that skill in the drop down menu beside
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Such teachers will also make informed choices about whether, how, and when to teach the rules of grammar.

Ideal ESL teachers encourage students to become independent and to be able to research solutions to grammar problems that arise. Teachers should encourage students to recognize that grammar is a communication tool that cannot be separated from the language it serves.

Ideal ESL teachers also realize that they cannot know the answer to every question about grammar. These teachers have the confidence to respond to questions to which they do not know the answer by saying something like, “Good question. I’m not sure, but I will try to find out before next class.” In the interests of encouraging learner autonomy, it is a good idea to add, “Why don’t you try to find an answer too, and we’ll compare what we find out?”
Further Reading
Read chapters 5 and 6 of Jeremy Harmer’s How to Teach English. As you read, consider how to connect the information in the chapters to teaching grammar and answer the following

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