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  • I Heard A Fly Buzz When I Died, By Emily Dickinson

    Dickinson’s work gradually increases over the progression of the poem. This can signify that the speaker is nearing death and her ability to think is slowly deteriorating. Without the ability to think, everything seems to become more mundane and ordinary. As the speaker is nearing her death, the conception of dying is made ordinary because of her decreased ability to think. Dickinson also used rhyme in her poem to strengthen her theme. The second and fourth line of every stanza of Dickinson’s poem contains a slant rhyme, but it isn’t until we reach the end of the poem that a perfect rhyme occurs: “ the Room // of Storm” (2&4) and “and me // to see” (18&20). The continuous…

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  • Dream Variation Langston Hughes Analysis

    The rhyme of the poem consists predominantly of end-rhymes, with the last word of every-other line rhyming with one another, “To fling my arms wide / in some place of the sun, / to whirl and to dance / Till the white day is done” (1-4). The last word of the second line - “sun” - rhymes perfectly with the last word of the fourth line - “done.” The speaker’s focus on perfect, masculine rhymes presents a feeling of constant motion and action. The fast-paced motion that the perfect rhymes create can…

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  • She Walks In Beauty

    Every piece of poetry is a mystery that reveals talents and innermost thoughts that live in the heart of every poet. The poem “She Walk in Beauty” by Lord Byron is not only the outstanding masterpiece that illustrates Byron’s rapture of beauty of unknown woman, but also a well-structured poem with its certain form, specific meaning and significant parts. First of all, “She Walks in Beauty” is a closed form lyric poem concentrating on extraordinary beauty of a young woman. It uses the…

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  • Symbolism In Annabel Lee

    compelling is Edgar’s marvelous use of imagery and symbolism, rhythm, repetition, and rhyme. Annabel Lee features incredibly rich imagery and symbolism throughout the poem. The imagery, with the assistance of the rhythm, causes the poem to come alive. While the words Poe…

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  • Exploring The Poem Richard Cory

    gives a strong message that really got my attention and motivated me to look forward the poem, also the thought of never finding out what occurred through his mind or life event that motivated him to harm himself. I honestly enjoy the way how in the beginning of the poem,it explains how in everybody's view his perfect, respected, and admired and currently, to what I had to say the evidence supports my claim is in the poem phrase where it was mentioned," we thought that he was everything to…

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  • Analysis Of She Walks In Beauty

    speaker never directly states that he is in love with her. He uses unconventional ways to describe her beauty. He compares her to many beautiful and dark things such as the night and starry skies. In the first stanza he uses a combination of dark and light comparisons to underline her beauty. Her eyes are both dark and bright, and her beauty is like a clear starry night. The second stanza is a continuation of the light to dark comparison, night and day to describe the woman’s beauty. He…

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  • Analysis Of Love Is Not All

    personified but Death as well is personified in line seven. As noted from the title Love Is Not All (Sonnet XXX), we can know that the poem is a sonnet but we also know this by the fourteen stanzas of the poem. Although it seems that Millay wrote the poem line length in pentameter in which every line has ten syllables that make five feet per line, on several occasions she adds an additional syllable to the line. On several occasions we see the use of an enjambment. The structure of the poem is…

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  • Analysis Of Car Radio

    They both treat mortality as something inevitable, and how their death does not make a difference in the grand scheme of things. The subject of Dickinson’s poem is how the world will carry on without blinking an eye when she dies. Although the song “Car Radio” treats death itself as terrifying, he casually says “I could pull the steering wheel,” which is an allusion to suicide, as though the actual act of dying is not a big deal, and can happen at any time(Tyler 25). Along with this, they both…

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  • Nude Descending A Staircase Analysis

    as she travels down a set of stairs. This poem was written as a reaction or response to a painting created by Marcel Duchamp, that was entitled “Nude Descending a Staircase No.2”. Since the poem was a reaction to the art, it is categorized as an ekphrastic piece. In mostly all poems, the writer utilizes various poetic devices to help a reader further understand and develop a deeper meaning to the poem. In this poem Kennedy effectively used the poetic devices of assonance, simile, and rhyme to…

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  • Analysis Of Because I Could Not Stop For Death

    A tranquil view of death presented in Because I could not stop for Death Death is a reality for everyone. Yet for many people dying is a frightening consequence of living. Images of the grim reaper with his scythe ready to steal people from the land of the living have haunted many peoples’ nightmares. In her poem Because I could not stop for death Emily Dickinson’ through the tittle, personification, and meter and rhyme presents a peaceful and somewhat idealized version of dying. To begin…

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