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  • The Golden Period: The Heian Period

    and historians call them 'golden ages ' .The Heian period ( 794–1185 ) created a time in which Japanese art and literature flourished, and the Japanese court was at its peak. The unified religious practices of the Heian 's and, most importantly, the influential texts and works of literature such as lady Murasaki Shikibu 's tale of Genji, made the Heian period a great and successful golden age. The Heian period was a time in which a civilization not only existed but flourished. It was a peak time for the Japanese aristocratic court. The Government was originally ruled in the Ritsuryo system but an influential family began to take control. They were the Fujiwara family and they ruled in there own style from 967-1068. The fujiwaras eventually took complete control and ruled in there own way. They ruled an aristocracy where they had complete control. During the Heian period a unique Japanese culture was developed, after having adopted and using chinese culture for much time. The kana script,…

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  • The Three Historical Periods

    In our history, there have been countless historical periods, which have impacted our world in various ways. These historical periods involve any situations from political, social and economic events that have occurred. In this essay, I will be describing the economic, social, and political distinctions of three historical periods. The historical periods I will be discussing are The Antebellum Period, the Civil War and the Market Revolution. Furthermore, let us start by discussing the antebellum…

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  • The Renaissance Period: The Early Modern Period

    Renaissance is called as the early modern period and a time of enlightenment with most famous art, discoveries, poetry, medicine, inventions and other achievements were accomplished. Even some ideas of old time were intact but many new beliefs and concepts were formed as well. The medieval time was a challenging period with too plagues and other evil acts of inhuman nature. Later, the world changed a lot and diseases and evils of old time started to disappear. This however took much time to…

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  • Japanese History: The Tokugawa Period

    1. The Tokugawa period is that from 1600-1868 while the Meiji period is from 1868-1912. During the Tokugawa period, there were various levels of class including Samurai, Farmer, Artisans, Merchants, and outcasts (aka hinin or burakumin). The Samurai and burakumin were especially important matters during that time as Samurai’s served as retainers for Daimyos and other government bodies within the domains of Japan. The Tokugawa period was a time of harsh punishment and fear. Much of the…

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  • The Importance Of The Heian Period In The Tales Of Genji

    The Heian Period, was a period of both chaos and beauty. Marked with the decline of the imperial family, and the rise of the Fujiwara Regency, the Heian period was filled with dramatic shifts of power, and the emergence of new political and economic powers. While literature and the arts prospered in court, as seen with the Tales of Genji, greed and manipulation also bled throughout. From the rise of the imperial statehood, and to the dominance of the aristocracy, the Heian Period was muddled…

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  • Changes During The Japanese Colonial Period

    Within the world history, the colonization of Japan ruling Korea only lasted for 35 years. During the colonial period, Japanese imperialism in Korea had a significant ambivalent impact towards many Koreans. This essay will compare and contrast the differences between the first ten and second ten years of Japanese colonial policy in Korea. This is because Korea experiences dramatically changes in their cultural, political and economic policy under the Japanese rules. The essay will then…

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  • The Renaissance Time Period: Bridge Between Medieval And Modern Times

    The Renaissance time period is what most people consider as the bridge between Medieval and modern times. During this time period, many subjects including science, math, art, music, and theology exploded, and allowed for new ideas and innovations to come about. Many famous people, who are known for their renowned accomplishments from the past, come from the Renaissance time period like Da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Michaelangelo. This started the revolution which allows modern science and…

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  • Circadian Aerobic Exercise

    Since obesity is on the continual rise, there has been a lot of research done to determine the best way to decrease weight. For many years, studies of body weight regulation have focused almost completely on caloric intake and energy expenditure.23 Since the obesity epidemic continues to skyrocket, one diet that has received a lot of attention is Intermittent fasting (IF), or periods of voluntary abstinence from food and drink.24 In some places, IF has been practiced since the earliest of…

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  • The Camariid Period: The Ordovician Period

    The Precambrian period was also known as the Hadean and the reason why it was not solid yet was that the planets of the solar system were just starting to form and they were not even solid rocks yet they were just starting to form from dust particles. 2. What was this particular time period called? This particular period was called the Hadean period. 3. Why is this time period not really considered a part of Earth’s geologic history? The reason this specific period is not considered part…

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  • The Renaissance Period: The Period In The Western World

    The Renaissance, the period in Europe roughly from 1350 to 1550, was a very interesting period in the Western world. It was a period in which the people living during this time knew that they were trying to reform western culture, hence why the period was named by the people of the time, which is very rare. The citizens of the Renaissance period were bringing back the various aspects of life that were lost in the eras before them. One of the fundamental objectives of this period was to throw…

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