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  • The Global Magazine Industry

    Gone are the days when magazine media resisted change, magazine professionals today embrace it with endeavors, creativity and better knowledge. As we learn new practice, metrics and analytics tools, advancements in digital technology open up new opportunities to extend, enhance and rethink magazine brands everyday. From examining the constantly changing magazine industry, through editorial and business lens, I believe pursuing the following four areas will allow magazine media to remain relevant and indispensable to society and readers. Give them something to do Readers today have become addicted to distraction. Their attention span is shrinking, and a minute of their time is a luxury in today 's mobile-first competition. How then do we engage them into clicking, reading and sharing before they switch or swipe to another content? The answer so far has been to interact. As with Snapchat 's popular feature Discover, as long as readers feel they are doing something, they do not feel the need to “switch.” The New York Times and The Guardian have been doing a magnificent job in engaging the audience with their innovative storytelling, which makes use of videos, interactive quizzes, clickable maps and moving charts. Stories that allow readers to partake in the narrative, either generating, personalizing or co-producing it, will result in more engagement, especially among millennials. Interactive charts, graphs and video are becoming common visual elements that will make static…

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  • Selling Style Summary

    broad ways in which politics, fashion, and gender co-exist within society. Selling Style provides a thorough detailed account about the cultural importance of clothing, how garments are directly related to gender identity and how they signified gender differences in the 1890’s. Uniquely, Rob Schorman provides a detailed account that represents the characteristics of both men and women’s wear during the decade. Central to his theme, the difference between men and women’s fashion can be…

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  • Objectives And Objectives Of The Library Objectives Of A University Library

    Library Objectives The Objective of the university library is to provide books, periodicals, and other instructional materials to support the academic of the University. To carry out this objectives entail certain functions as follows. 1. Acquisition of Materials. Proper selection and acquisition of varied types of materials (books, periodicals, pamphlets, maps and other materials) needed to support the curriculum. 2. Making Materials Available. The role of the library is not to…

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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Salmagundi

    Salmagundi was a newspaper created by Washington Irving in the beginning of the nineteenth century that tried to produce a literary magazine that would separate itself from other journalistic writing. This was the first newspaper of its kind, where the authors intentionally tried to depart from journalistic practices. Within its first couple of issues, the periodical established itself as a bold, satirical, and coy newspaper whose purpose was to please the writers, not the readers. For…

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  • James Netterwald Helping The Kids Analysis

    Netterwald, James. "Helping the Kids." Drug Discovery & Development, 05 Sept. 2008, pp. 36-38. James Netterwald writes about the effectiveness and history of the rotavirus vaccine throughout the article "Helping the Kids." Netterwald shares how the rotavirus effects children from all over the world and the possible vaccinations that children are able to get to prevent the disease. Although there was a vaccination that proved to have problems, there is now a safe and highly effective vaccine…

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  • Sleep Deprivation And Awakenings

    Throughout the history of experiments regarding a person’s sleep schedule, there have been a multitude of high level examinations in order to make a validated conclusion about how sleep deprivation, or apnea, has an effect on a person’s attention-span and mood. However, these examinations have never properly been compared to another form of sleep complications which would be periodical night awakenings throughout the course of a person’s normal sleep. Due to this neglect of an experiment…

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  • Informal Challenges Of A School District

    reference volumes such as encyclopedias and dictionaries as well as periodicals and newspapers. Reference volumes in this section and current issues of periodicals and newspapers may not be checked out by students, but they are welcome to use them in the library. Students may not check out DVDs, as these materials are designated for classroom use only and care kept in a separate, teachers-only section of the library. Faculty members may check out any item from the library. B. Students may check…

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  • American Civil War: The Lost Cause And Confederate Nationalism

    In Colors & Blood, Bonner discusses the important symbols that led to a sense of national identity in the Confederacy. Rubin’s book A Shattered Nation, she talks about the use of periodicals and other writings as very important to the Lost Cause. The historians help us understand the important of symbols and personal accounts to our comprehension of the development of Confederate nationalism across the South. When put in conversation, the books give a full picture into self-identity. My paper…

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  • Sio2 Case Study

    The short-circuit current density for the flat SHJ with SiO2 peridical pyramids imprint, with reference to the flat case From Figure 5.y+1. It is seen that there is a range of the angles, where the short-circuit current density with SiO2 imprint can exceed the flat case. The maximum of Jsc can be reached with the upper angle of 900. The next step is to check if the optimal upper ITO layer thickness is changed due to SiO2 pyramids. For such simulation were regarded the pyramids with such…

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  • The Importance Of Subscription Services

    control from the publishers," says Daniel Greenstein, associate vice provost for the UC, which spends $30 million a year on scholarly periodicals (Wysocki). The university has always had a contentious relationship with academic publishers, mainly due to high fees. In 2003, faculty members and university administration remonstrated against a $91,000 bill from Elsevier 's Cell Press unit for one year 's access to six biology journals. The two professors called for a worldwide boycott, urging…

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