Objectives And Objectives Of The Library Objectives Of A University Library

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Takes responsibility for the safe keeping of the library fines until turned over to the Treasurer.
4. Assumes responsibility for making sure that books and other library materials loaned out of faculty members, employees and students are returned on time.
5. Prepares inventory of the collections.
6. Supervises the general upkeep and repair of the library materials in section.
7. Takes responsibility in determining Filipiniana materials for deselection.
8. Represents the University library to other library organization’s meetings.
9. Performs other functions, duties and responsibilities which may be assigned to him.

Preferably holder of Master’s Degree in Library Science (LS) with five years experience in Library works or services. He/she must show adequate technical competence, good human relations, desirable attitudes and personal qualities of an effective supervisor.


The Customer Service Librarian reports and is directly responsible to the Director of Libraries. Works directly with Technical Librarian and the librarians in the Main library and branch libraries and Student Assistants in Main Library and takes charge of the organization and services of the viewing room and learning
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1. Assumes responsibility for making books and other library materials easily accessible to the readers.
2. Coordinates with the Director of Libraries regarding acquisition of books recommended by the faculty members of the Department.
3. Prepares annual budget and annual report for the library.
4. Provides instruction in the use of the card catalog and point out its use as a key to the resources of the library.
5. Provides friendly and efficient services to all readers.
6. Maintains records of books borrowed and takes statistics of users.
7. Recommends policies and procedures in charging and discharging books.
8. Implements rules and regulation of the circulations section.
9. Secures fines collected and turn-over them to the Treasurer’s office weekly. 10. Compiles reading

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