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  • How Do Tattoos Affect Society

    themselves in different manners in society ranging from: social status, religion, association and familial representation, but they share a similar driving force behind them. As marriage signifies a lifelong commitment to one person, tattoos have the same significance to the wearer: for their family, religion or associations. People often use tattoos as a medium to honor, remember, and represent their family ties. A Portrait tattoo of a deceased loved one is an intimate form of honoring them. Figure 1 is an example of a portrait tattoo paying homage to an individual’s loved one. The wearer decided to immortalize their loved one by remembering him as a happy and youthful child. Many also chose to express their love and gratitude through permanent ink of a special family member or a representation of their family. Jeff Leu, a writer for, writes, “Senior Jimmy Ferrone has two tattoos. His family crest is on his side, and his grandmother’s maiden name is across his back. Both tattoos serve as a tribute to his family and everything they do for him” (1). Others use it as a remembrance of a sibling, child, parent or grandparent that has passed away: “Junior Bridget Gustafson decided to get a tattoo on the one year anniversary of the passing of her twin brother, Michael Gustafson” (1). However the wearers decide to express themselves, tattoos give them the means to show their pride and devotion to their families. Religious tattoos have been around for centuries…

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  • On Teenagers And Tattoos, A. Martin MD.

    He refers to piercings as being a less permanent way for adults to bond with children during this time of excessive hormonal imbalance and rapid physical change. Martin MD, also makes note that piercings may be a temporary solution to tattoos with regard to their less permanent nature, but may also be considered a gateway to the more permanent tattoo (Martin, 2012 pg. 321). Also noted was the fact that during this upheaval of the adolescent condition, most decisions are made with an then…

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  • Informative Speech On Permanent Makeup

    Stay gorgeous every day with permanent makeup Have you ever desired you might be less reliant on makeup and yet look excellent? At the moment, there is a technique with permanent makeup! It is an exhilarating process, a cosmetic type of tattooing in which tint is implanted within your skin and can appear more standard than makeup. Envisage makeup that wouldn't rub off during chores, running, swimming, jogging or exercise. It presents beauty and liberty for active citizens of today. Having your…

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  • Anti Tattoo Discrimination In The Workplace

    Juan Henao, a staff writer for the Daily Collegian for Penn State, gives his opinion in his article, My View: Tattoos Are Unprofessional, that they make a person look unprofessional due to the stigma of them still in our culture. Tattoos are essentially permanent since tattoo removal is more expensive than the tattoo itself, and even then some colors cannot be fully removed. With so many other ways to show self-expression, why do so in a permanent way that you may end up regretting later? With…

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  • Love On Her Arms Reflection

    January 3rd, 2015. On this day I chose to get a permanent reminder of an organization that had significantly impacted my life. To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit organization that works to help those struggling with mental illnesses, such as depression, self-harm, addiction, and suicidal thoughts. I was twelve years old when I happened to come across this organization. I can’t remember the exact date or what I should’ve been doing at the time, but I was browsing through YouTube. I…

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  • Risks And Consequences Of Tattoos

    The risks of getting a tattoo are very high. If there is a possibility of anyone considering getting a new tattoo in the future keep in mind all things that could go wrong. There are some cases in which some don 't know they have gotten a bad tattoo, or even contracted a new infection from receiving a tattoo from an unsanitary shop, or even the possible mistake of cross contamination. Because of the lack of regulations on tattoo ink, tattooing can cause cancer, blood born diseases, and…

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  • Persuasive Speech About Tattoos

    of trying to decide what tattoos to get there are many things to think about like where to get it done, how much it is going to cost and where you want to place it on your body . However, one thing that might not go through your mind is if I get this tattoo, will it affect my appearance as an employee somewhere or even if I decide to join the military would I still qualify. These are all valid questions that will need to be answered during this thought process. Today we are going to talk about…

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  • The Symbolism Of Death And Resurrection In Art

    via tattooing is multi-faceted. One reason is that tattooing is a technology of memory. It helps people to remember in a very real (and painful) manner those who have died. Additionally, people aim to understand death better by permanently altering their bodies. Some people even cite the pain they feel while getting tattooed as a way to bring them closer to the deceased. Above all, however, tattoos are permanent. In Meditations, Marcus Aurelius states that everything is short-lived—accepting…

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  • The Dominican Culture And Women In The Dominican Republic

    the importance of land. The Taino lived off the land and respected Mother Nature. This is still seen in Dominican agriculture which grows a rich produce of bananas, coffee, sugarcane, tobacco and cacao. Importing these products is one of their major sources of income (Goodwin, 116). The Dominicans have intermarried with Tainos, Spanish and African people but their African physical features are still present. Dominicans come in all different colors, ranging from very dark to very light…

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  • Dream Act Research Paper

    Senators Richard Durbin and Richard Lugar and Representatives Howard Berman, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, and Lucille Roybal-Allard and was supported by organizations and individuals from California to New York. A lot may ask what qualifications did the young adults needed in order to be eligible for The DREAM Act. The qualifications are simple, a high school diploma or a person with a GED would be qualify for conditional lawful permanent resident status if they have been physically present in the U.S.…

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