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  • Standard Deviation In Statistics

    An segment in which order matters. Like a combination lock. If your combination is 17, 36, 89, 3 but if you put them in the order of 3, 17, 89, 36 the lock won’t open. That’s because it requires a permutable code. Other examples include license plates and even lotto ticket numbers. In the business world giving numbers in the right order could be the difference in a call back or not. Literally, if your boss asks for your phone number or address and you give him the right numbers just wrong order it wouldn’t work at all. Combinations what are these? If combinations and permutations were twins they would be fraternal twins. On combinations order of a data segment doesn’t matter. If you call 4 people into a room the order in which they come into the room doesn’t matter. In a career if you have to email a list of people the same email it doesn’t matter who you email first. Or if you have a ton of work that 's all due by friday it doesn’t matter what order you do it in. Probability (the odds of something happening) has many more parts to it than just these 6. It’s widely used by most people in the workforce or anywhere. It could cost you thousands of dollars or save you thousands of dollars. That’s why from reading this you have now gained more knowledge to help you further yourself in…

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  • Argumentative Speech: Permutations And Combinations

    At a JEE coaching centre where I was teaching Permutations and Combinations! It's an interesting story you wouldn't mind reading! “So today we are going to start a new topic – Permutations and Combinations” – No, I wasn’t going to be tortured by yet another teacher lecturing me on the most frustrating topic in the entire IIT-JEE syllabus. I was the torturer ! It was 15th December, 2007. Just another class. Just the same 150 odd students of his “darling” Salt Lake batch – the most notorious one…

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  • Rhetorical Devices In Into The Wild

    The only way to find one’s identity is through losing oneself in isolation. Jon Krakauer, author of Into the Wild, utilizes many rhetorical strategies to convey his central argument to adolescence in understanding that to find one’s identity, they must step out of society’s machinery in order to formulate personal morals, opinions, and beliefs. Furthermore, Krakauer felt compelled to write about the life and death of Christopher McCandless to justify the actions, reasonings, and beliefs of…

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  • IIt 508 Week 1 Summarizing A Salesman Problem

    Literature Survey According to wikipedia, the origins of TSP is yet not known. It was first found in a handbook in 1832 without any prior mathematical statements . It was later formulated by mathematician W.R Hamilton and Thomas Kirkman. The general form of TSP was first studied by Karl Menger in the 30’s. We denote by messenger problem (since in practice this question should be solved by each postman, anyway also by many travelers) the task to find, for finitely many points whose pairwise…

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  • Bilinear Complexity Assumptions

    within their trusted domains. To do so, S encrypts each file F_i∈F using a standard symmetric encryption algorithm(AES). Each file F_i comprising of an unique identifier 〖ID〗_i∈〖{0,1}〗^n. To protect the file identifiers 〖ID〗_i, S encrypts this 〖DI〗_i also with AES encryption technique, such technique assurances that if the same file identifier is encrypted multiple times, it will create different ciphertexts but all decrypted to the same value. KeyEncrypt: S extracts the conjunctive keyword…

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  • The Stanford Prison Experiment And Asch Conformity Experiment Analysis

    Milgram’s experiments created great controversy. They showed how vulnerable humans were to the will bending power of authority. This idea especially stuck around the time the experiment took place, the early 1960’s. America was still somewhat fresh off of World War II, and Americans were shocked to see that they were just as capable of being pushed to do things that went against their morals as Germans were under Nazi authorities. Milgram was thorough in his studies by including multiple…

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  • Using Mobile-OTP And Qr Code In Online Banking Authentication System Case Study

    this survey, we are reading how to develop two software’s for online banking system which provides more security to bank customer. First one is android based mobile software which will scan the QR code generated by bank server. We are developing software that provides E-banking facility. At first, Bank customers have to do registration and create his account.  Next step is normal login step in that customer have to provide username and password for login process.  Based on customer id, current…

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  • Qa Analysis Sample

    hrs post-treatment as univariate measures to discriminate the toxicological effects. SAM is a modified version of the T-test and is a well-established statistical method for identifying differential expression of genes, proteins and metabolites (Xia et al. 2009). SAM is designed to address false discovery rate (FDR) problems when running multiple tests on high-dimensional metabolomics data. The algorithm first assigns a significance score to each variable, based on its change relative to the…

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  • Literature Review On Hotspot

    and random points. Through this study they were able to observe if the patterns were different in different parts of the city and they were also able to successfully reduce the crime. Mohler et al., (2015) noted NNI methodology as the best existing practice by crime analysts. Space-time scan statistics are commonly used to detect emerging clusters. This three dimensional scan statistic solves the problem of specifying the exact time period in which clusters should be identified. In our study,…

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  • Mat Urbanism: The Thick 2-D Summary

    Stan Allen in “Mat Urbanism: The Thick 2-D” describes the nature of mat building and later expanding it into mat urbanism. From the historical context mat design relies more on an organizational style and motivation than one tied to a form. The aim is to manage the diverse changes and rapid movements of man against the more static elements of the city and human landscape that they create. “Mat-building can be said to epitomize the anonymous collective where the functions come to enrich the…

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