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  • Body Art In Different Cultures

    Warren Surrett NU ID:36533636 April 24th 2015 Body Art in Different Cultures Introduction Body art (body modification) is used differently all around the world to represent aspects of cultures. Arts being practiced, range from a variety of modifications to the body. Some of the most common type of body art are piercing, tattoos, and scarification. These methods are often used as a rites of passage, aesthetic reasons, religious reasons, and to show self-expression. The three different cultures being talked about are the, Tikopia, Marquesas, and Tsonga. All three cultures use body art through the process of tattooing. These different cultures do not do this art for the same reasoning which is one way to distinguish the different cultures. Cultural…

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  • Body Art In The Workplace Essay

    Body modifications, specifically tattoos and body piercings, have become increasingly popular in modern society; especially among young adults who feel that body art is a form of self-expression. In recent years, tattoos and piercings have become more accepted by the majority of American society, due mainly in part to popular culture glamorizing body art as sort of a fashion accessory. However, the question of whether body art is acceptable in the workplace or not is a whole new ball game. Many…

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  • Body Art Modifications

    Body art and modifications Discrimination based on personal appearance is a big problem in modern society, though many people do not consider it a real form of prejudice. Despite their rise in popularity with the number of people with 2 or more tattoos doubling since 2007, tattoos in the workplace remain a contentious topic (STAPAW, 2012). Body art is art that is made with or put onto the body, tattoos are the main area of discrimination due to body art, body modifications are the artistic or…

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  • How Do Tattoos Influence Body Art

    The Blackness of Ink “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” - Thomas Merton Tattoos have been around for a long time and are used in different groups for different purposes. Tattoos originated in small cultural tribes and religious groups. This type of body art has been linked to being used as a source of identity for cultural groups, religious beliefs, and express personal and family pride. Tattoos have also been used in certain periods of war. Through…

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  • The War Against Body Art Analysis

    Donny Collinson Jan. 25. 2016 2 ̊ Mrs. Randazzo The War Against Body art Many teenagers love the idea of having beautiful designs and jewelry displayed all over their bodies, but many of their parents will not allow it. One of the most controversial questions about teenagers and their desire for body art would have to be “Should teenagers be allowed to get tattoos and or piercings without parental consent?” I personally believe teenagers should not be able to get tattoos or piercings without…

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  • Human Body Art Essay

    The human body has been a mainstay in the art world and its use spans across time and most ever culture. The human form has been used to tell stories, communicate cultural values, and reflect religious beliefs. It can be used to show emotion like happiness, sadness, despair and status such as power, importance, or poverty. The artist may use a realistic form or something morphed or stylistic based on what he is trying to convey to his audience. Whatever the purpose may be, the use of the…

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  • Beautiful Body In Ancient Greek Art

    What is a beautiful body? This issue of body-image issues and the magic measurements that define the perfect physique have been going on for centuries. As years past and times change it is only normal for ones perception of beauty to change. With the advancement of technology and increase interest in social media may have accelerated the pace of change, but is does not change the substance of the question: what is a beautiful body? The primary focus of Ancient Greek art was that of the human…

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  • Art Of Body Art Essay

    Tattooing is a medium of Art through which we can express emotions, ideas, memories, etc. We can communicate to those around us our thoughts, associations, inner feelings, and creativity. Throughout history, body art and ornamentation has become a worldwide phenomenon and has played a pivotal role in our lives. “The practice of body art has roots reaching back at least 30,000 years.” (E. Schidkrout, 2004). Stone and ceramic figurines have been found in ancient graves which depict people…

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  • Body Art In Jail

    Body art has been here for a long time. Once used in jails to show time in, to being used to show your “colors”. Body art can mask scars to grant one a sense of space. It can show your faith, a personal light to look upon when in a time of need. In jail body art is a way to show who you are. Used by those overseas and here art with three or more rises show how long he/she has been in jail. When getting jail body art most know that a star on each side shows that you will bow to no man. The tier…

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  • Body Art Essay

    In some point of our lives, we all have at least once trying to alter our appearances. We do that not because we are unhappy with our looks, but it is just how we satisfy our desires. The way we decorate our body can stick with the term of “body art”. However, among various forms of body art, people with tattoos and piercings tend to receive negative criticisms from society, especially in Vietnam. Sadly, I am a victim of those prejudices from Vietnamese people. Anyhow, I am not blaming people…

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