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  • Super Lice Research Paper

    Is there really such a thing as super or mutant lice? In 25 states and counting, there has been a highly drug resistant strain of head lice known as the Super Pediculus humanus capitis. Also known as the head louse, it infects six to twelve million people each year (Lice vs Super Lice, n.d.). This is tiny, vampire like parasites that sucks the blood from its victims. Even though they are being called super or mutant by the media as a scare tactic, these lice are actually just regular lice. The only difference is that they have developed an immunity to the chemicals we use to kill them. Just like we develop immunities towards different illnesses. To better protect your families and yourself from these lice it would be smart to know how…

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  • Burophane Tape Test For Lice

    1) To perform a cellophane tape test for lice you can use cellophane or regular tape. First, (after putting gloves on) you place the tape on the skin and hair so that the sticky part of the tape can collect any visible or non-visible parasites. Try to pick up visible, abnormal particles present from the skin or hair. Collecting the whole hair shaft is useful to see if the lice have infested themselves deeper in into the skin. Once you have obtained the hair sample, place it on a slide with…

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  • Magical Realism In 'A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings'

    Extraordinarily Ordinary Magical Realism uses the extraordinary to show a person a different view on the world they live in. It allows one to be taken away from a very boring and mundane way of life, and afterwards one sees things previously taken for granted. Magical Realism was created by two South American authors, Marquez and Borges. Marquez is also the author of A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, so it makes sense that he wrote about a literary classification he helped create. A Very Old…

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  • Free Spirit In Looking For Alaska, By John Green

    John Green’s book Looking for Alaska focuses on Alaska’s character describing her as a free spirit with interesting stories thirsty for adventure. Because of these qualities, many of her actions have a reckless element to it. She participates in pranks and group activities with her friends yet her light hearted mood is a disguise for the terrible and haunting experience she had on the day her mother died. Her father is almost absent since she rarely speaks of him therefore, lacks a family…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Life

    On a nice cool summer morning my father came into my room and rumbled the top of my bed to wake me up, as I turned over he spoke softly, saying to get dressed we are going crabbing. I jumped out of my bed running over to my closet and throwing on a shirt and an old pair of shorts. I ran out of my room and banged on my brothers door to wake him up too. As I sprinted down the stairs I almost fell but I was able to keep my balance. My mother asked if I wanted to eat something before we left. I…

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  • Salinity In Earth Harbor

    Methods Study Area East Harbor is a 291-ha back-barrier salt marsh and coastal lagoon located within the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS), N.Truro, Massachusetts (Thiet et al. 2014a). East Harbor was artificially isolated from Cape Cod Bay in 1868 when the original 300-m wide inlet was diked due to the construction of a causeway for use by trains and automobiles (Portnoy et al. 2005). In 1894, a drainage system was installed that allowed freshwater to escape the system (Portnoy et al. 2006),…

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  • Erutan-Personal Narrative

    Her presence sudden and stunning entranced the little girl. Erutan, legendary in her beauty and protector of forest, field and water dwellers, rose nobly out of the night. Wearing a kaleidoscopic cloak of deer, fish, water and mossy ground swirling around and up her body, Erutan beckoned without words. The little girl approached. Then, Erutan spoke, “You, like I, little girl, love this land, this river and the creatures of each. I shall endow you now with a knowledge that few other mortals have…

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  • Racism In Nayeli's Life

    In the town of Tress Camarones the daily life of Nayeli and her friends is a simple life but it lacks adventure and the girl’s spend most of their free time dreaming of how beautiful things are in the United States. They absorb different cultures throw a computer that was given to them by a friend name Matt who was station there because he was a missioner. All the girls and Tacho have their own unique personalities and ideas of what life must be like in the United States. During one day when the…

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  • Cristiano Epstein: Sports Should Be Child's Play

    In Epstein’s writing, he mentions that sports are not ideal for a child’s growing body. Conversely, choosing a sport that provides an outlet for a child’s energy can greatly beneficial even for children as young as four. Sports like soccer and basketball provide an excellent aerobic workout by strengthening muscles and increasing heart rate (“’Coordination’”). Playing a sport also helps children to improve their attention and focus as well as motor skills (“’Coordination”’). It is certainly not…

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  • Freedom Or Indulgent Analysis

    Freedom or Indulgent? Brooke Rohlfing Ethics as an Introduction to Philosophy December 1, 2014 My thesis is that Cephalus is correct when he says that it is better to be free from bodily desires than to indulge them. The term free refers to acting as one chooses without being restrained by an authority figure. A bodily desire is defined as a want taking control of a person’s body. Indulge means to give into desires in an overly disproportionate way. Cephalus’ best argument for…

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