Super Lice Research Paper

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Is there really such a thing as super or mutant lice? In 25 states and counting, there has been a highly drug resistant strain of head lice known as the Super Pediculus humanus capitis. Also known as the head louse, it infects six to twelve million people each year (Lice vs Super Lice, n.d.). This is tiny, vampire like parasites that sucks the blood from its victims. Even though they are being called super or mutant by the media as a scare tactic, these lice are actually just regular lice. The only difference is that they have developed an immunity to the chemicals we use to kill them. Just like we develop immunities towards different illnesses. To better protect your families and yourself from these lice it would be smart to know how …show more content…
Since they have developed a resistance towards your standard over the counter treatment, a prescription from a doctor is needed. Some of the prescription medical treatments include Ivermectin, Spinosad, and many more (Parasites – Lice, 2013). Once your scalp has been treated you will need to comb out the hair every other day and finally it is recommended to retreat after seven to nine days of the first treatment. While you are treating the patients scalp, there are a few other things that must be done around the house some of which include vacuuming, washing and drying all items that the infected person has come into contact with at 130° degrees Fahrenheit. Anything that cannot be washed will need to be sealed into a plastic bag for two weeks. Lice will eventually die if they are unable to consume a blood meal for two days and the nits/eggs will also die if they are not kept at the same temperature as the scalp. While these prescription meds are great, there is an alternative treatment called AirAlle that is extremely pricey at $170 per treatment. This treatment takes around 1 hour and it uses a device that blows hot warm air that dries out and kills the louse and its eggs (AirAllé® Lice Treatment, n.d.). However, it does not treat your house or car, so you can become re-infected if you don’t treat those areas

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