Shampoo Conditioner And Scalp Case Study

Assignment 204 Shampoo Conditioner And Scalp

Task 1a

Describe how shampoo and water act together to cleanse the hair?
Shampoo and water act together to cleanse the scalp to make sure oils,grease and dirt is removed from the hair. The process of using hot water to remove product build up, dirt,grease,and natural oils out the hair is then followed by using conditioner to seal the cuticle making the hair smooth and soft

Explain the importance of considering the cuticles scales when disentangling the hair?
The importance of disentangling the hair correctly is to avoid damage and breakage of the hair.It is important to start detangling from point to root and slowly work your way up through the hair with a disentangling comb because you can
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pH levels of the hair are between 0 - 6.9 Acid a PH balance of 7 is Neutral and anything near 7.1 is an Alkaline; anything lower than a 7 in a conditioner can help add shine to the hair and help the hair have a smooth surface and makes the hair shine.

Describe how water temperature affects the hair structure?
When you wash your hair and you use hot water, this opens up the hair cuticle and removes excess oil and product build up.
Cold water will close the cuticle not allowing any dirt to re enter but also will make the hair more softer and shinier.

Explain the importance of thoroughly rinsing hair to remove shampoos and conditioning products?
The importance of rinsing hair to remove shampoo and conditioning products.The hair dont need alot of shampoo as the hairs already clean it just removes oils and dirt if the products don't get rinsed properly the shampoo can cause dandruff and can irritate the scalp conditioning the hair makes the hair smooth and shiny that's why you have to make sure all the products are out the hair so it doesn't cause issues to the
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Psoriasis- thick red patches to the skin small red spots to the body it can be on your forehead on your back on your legs and it can cause irritation and itchiness.

Psoriasis Can start of little patches on the scalp and its reddish and it is easily spreadable to the skin The best shampoo for psoriasis is medicated shampoo it helps calm the irritation down.

Head Lice-feeling like something's crawling in your head
Get advice from your doctor.

Make sure the hair is wet get a nit comb with nit lotion or conditioner make sure you section the hair and comb the sections and check if there are any headlice in the hair.Comb all the hair from the roots to the ends making sure there are no nits after that do the process again to make sure you catched them all.And when that's done put more nit lotion in the hair to sit in and soak in and kill any what haven't been catched. And that process has to be took every 2 weeks but if you feel you have them check your hair before your

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