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  • An Analysis Of Gang Culture In Thrsher By Thrasher

    someone else. Understanding culture and gang culture will impact my behavior in the future because it helped me understand different cultures. When I am in the real world, I will understand some traditions different cultures do. I will be able to read some gang graffiti on many buildings I will walk past. The things I learn will help me outside the classroom because when I go visit Chicago, I will know what areas I should stay away from. I will also know what I should not wear and what hand signs I should not do. Also, I now know that gang members do have feelings too and having deep emotions are sometimes that reasons why they are in the gang in the first place too. If I do see a gang member then, I will respect them as a citizen and not a criminal. My new understanding of culture adds value to my personal life because it helps me see how different people are not so different. It helps me understand that even though I am adopted from China, it’s okay to be different. Everyone is different. For my professional life, it will help me understand how there are different believes in jobs, and you just need to respect it. For my academic life, it shows how there are going to be a lot of different ways people will learn. For example, China focuses on education. They sleep, breathe, and focus on education. There will then be a lot immigrants from China because they are generally smarter than us. It will then be harder to compete with jobs. In conclusion, this cultural class has…

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  • Journey Into An Ill Mind Analysis

    Gang affiliations lead to violence, drugs, and possibly death. As Hopsin approaches the gang member in the music video, the viewer can see that he has many tattoos, just like how a gang member would have many tattoos of his/her gang signs. The gang member is also smoking a cigar and is wearing a gold chain. These could be symbols of his lifestyle which is full of drugs and greed. Hopsin follows up on explaining his lifestyle by saying that he “sells drugs to get loot” (Hopsin line 70) and how he…

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  • Ethnocentrism/Pag. 36: Video Response Worksheet

    this gang they too have adopted the thinking of their gang being superior and to discriminate and look down upon those people who are not affiliated with their gang or who dare challenge the ranking of their own gang.//304// b. Symbol/pg. 39 is something to which people attach meaning and then use to communicate to one another with. Symbols can be seen throughout the video quite frequently. Each member of the gang has MS13 tattooed on their bodies somewhere if not more than once. Once a person…

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  • Essay On Tattoos In The Media

    with tattoos and piercings as an untrustworthy group of people. Media believes that a person should look clean and respectable. A person with tattoos and piercings gets criticized over not meeting the media’s standard way of looking. The media judges a person with any sort of body modification before the said person has a chance to prove their self. Media portrays people with tattoos and piercings as unprofessional, bad parents, and criminals. In the media people with tattoos and piercings are…

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  • Deviance Of Tattoos Essay

    Deviance of Tattoos Tattoos were believed to be around since 2000 B.C. (“Tattoos”) and they even found one on the Iceman that is believed to be 5,200 years-old. They were traditionally made by rubbing dark pigments into skin pricked by a thin needle stuck into a piece of wood. They were usually given to royals and important figures in ancient Egypt, which the oldest tattoos were believed to come from. Tattoos were seen as a sign of wealth in ancient history, not as deviant as more recent…

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  • Essay On Military Culture

    Sacrificing certain things for a greater freedom: long hair, piercings, and tattoos to name a few. This is why many soldier having a desire for tattoos wait until their service or enlistment time frame has been served before being tattooed. An aspect of military culture is uniformity. It is impossible for the military to govern the type of tattoos individuals place on themselves. Tattoos depicting sexual provocative imagry or gang related symbols that can be hidden in a variety of different…

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  • Immigrant Babies And Citizenship Analysis

    Kirby begins by using Richard Costello as an example. Costello was a criminal who was sent to jail for trying to sell stolen motorcycle parts online, he was identified by the tattoos on his feet. Kirby continues by giving factors that helped tattoos become established in the New World. He describes how in the 18th century British explores first brought from Polynesia to Europe, the importance of Martin Hildebrant who was the 1st known tattoo artist in America during the Civil War, and the…

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  • Tattooing History

    facial tattoos, as did theAustroasians. Today, one can find Atayal, Seediq, Truku, and Saisiyat of Taiwan, Berbers of Tamazgha (North Africa), Yoruba, Fulani and Hausa people of Nigeria, and Māori of New Zealand with facial tattoos. Tattooing was popular among certain ethnic groups in southern China, Polynesia, Africa, Borneo, Cambodia, Europe, Japan, the Mentawai Is-lands, MesoAmerica, New Zealand, North America and South America, the Philippines, Iron Age Britain, and Taiwan. It is a myth that…

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  • Tattoos Should Be Allowed In The Workplace Essay

    and Ink Most people probably have heard some controversy about tattoos being a taboo in the workplace. More than not, businesses tend to enforce rules that require employees who are sporting tattoos to cover them up completely while they are at work. Some people say this is so to not offend anyone by viewing the tattoos. Tattoos have been deemed unprofessional, and to some people, tattoos are something that should never be visible at work or in a professional setting; however, to others tattoos…

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  • Tattoos In The 20th Century

    art. Today, this form of art is called tattoo. Just as a canvas is stroked by a paint brush, human skin is inked with a needle to create a permanent masterpiece. Loaded with as many meanings as there are global cultures, tattoos come in different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs. People wear tattoos like clothes that symbolize the runway of their life. Today tattoos are widely accepted across the world, and are even worn as signs of beauty. Whether exposed or concealed, tattoos were not always…

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