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  • On Teenagers And Tattoos, A. Martin MD.

    that although ”legislation in most states restricts professional tattooing to adults under the age of 18 years of age”, jailhouse or self-made tattoos are commonplace with teens and school age children as well (Martin, 2012 pg. 321). This statistic should be alarming to most. When it comes to professional tattooing, licensed artists follow a strict set of rules designed to provide the tattooed with a safe experience. However, laws have been erected that create a hostile environment for those who fall underneath the laws guidelines. Doctor Martin, also mentioned some very disturbing reasons as to why teens are so obsessed with marking their bodies or adorning body decorations. Although the idea of tattoos making it big with regard to the fashion industry, he stressed the desire for teens to feel rooted. In a mobile world, permanence and stability can be found in a tattoo. Adults have a tendency to feel that tattoos adorned by their underage children, are rebellious in nature, and the article On Tattoos and Teenagers hints to the same idea. However, Martin writes that a close dialogue with adolescents may curb this desire. Andreas Martin, MD. Notes that piercings may provide teens with the ability to discover and display their personal individuality, without the permanence of the tattoo delivers (Martin , 2012 pg. 321). I am one to agree with this type of thought process. Thus as teenagers turn to home brewed tattooing, some very disturbing psychological traits, as to why teens…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Cartoons Vs 2010s

    are the best cartoons ever made. However, lets focus on more recent cartoon styles such as the 1990s and 2010s. Though I was born in the 90s I have little memory of the 90s so I am not obligated to say that I am a true 90s kid. I am more of a 2000s kid. So, now you’re probably thinking, she’s going to go with the 2010s cartoons being better. However, I did say 2000s; which is in the middle of the 1990s and 2010s. I feel that the 90s era of cartoons is a lot better than the 2010s. Why? Let me…

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  • Story Analysis: Frishta

    zor nabo. Hamu wak yak boyn, There were not so many differences. We were all similar”. In other words, the gaps between the haves and have-nots were not so wide. In the 1990s, almost all people lacked access to similar things, which is no longer the case. The new polarization, and inequality anger people more than the actually lack of things. Today, not having means something different to the different groups and people are live together with very different lifestyles. And for the majority who…

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  • Clothing In Peter Corrigan's The Dressed Society

    Fashion has been a topic of research for many decades and people have used it as a means of communicating their identities (Crane, 2000; Davis, 1992; Kaiser, 1990). Peter Corrigan (2008), in his book The Dressed Society: clothing, the body and some meanings of the world, talks about how people dress, their choices of certain kinds of attire as well as the various social meanings of clothing in our societies. He also goes further to describe what all this implies as well what it communicates in…

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  • Family Clothing In The 20th Century

    dresses were most common in France. The fashion of dressing brothers and sisters in coordinated outfits-this usually meant an older sister and younger brother. While boys wore dresses, girls did not wear knee pants. It was uncommon at that time for girls to wear boys' clothes. Brothers and sisters might wear matching sailor outfits, with the boy wearing knee pants and the girl a skirt. The sister would never wear trousers or knee socks, although younger boys might wear sailor suits with skirts…

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  • 2000 Fashion Trends Essay

    up decade (Kamal 2015). Fashion in the 2000’s moved away from the minimalist approach, incorporating the fusion of trends from several different styles (Kamal 2015). By the early 2000’s, designers started to incorporate more colors and patterns into their designs (Kamal 2015). They also had inspiration from vintage clothing of the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s (Kamal 2015). Women’s fashion took a more feminine turn as more women began wearing more revealing clothing (Kamal 2015). Men’s fashion of…

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  • Why Do Fashion Repeats Itself

    For my research, I explored How and Why Fashion Repeats Itself. I investigated the history of fashion, the way and the reasons that fashion changes regularly. I discovered some specific examples such as denim jeans as well. In the process of the research, I took several steps. I examined various websites and several books and checked them for relevance and bias. Additionally, I conducted a survey with 40 people and collated it. History of fashion Fashion has always been key to how people…

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  • Valentino Garavani Research Paper

    director of a technical supply company and Teresa de Biaggi (mother), a housewife. Valentino found a love for fashion at a very young age. He was only in primary school when he started working for his aunt Rosa and Ernestina Salvadeo who were both local fashion designers in Voghera, Italy. In an interview Valentino said, "Even as a young boy my passion was to design, and I have been very lucky to be able to do what I have loved all my life. There can be few greater gifts than that." After…

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  • 1980s Fashion Research Paper

    Keena Ta Diana Sieker 13 December 2013 Literature of the 1980s Fashion Speaks Louder than Words What is fashion? Fashion is something that is dealt with everyday. Fashion is never constant. Something that is in today might not be in tomorrow. As Coco Channel once said, “Fashion is made to become un-fashionable.” Fashion tells you what is trending and is constantly searching for the newest of everything. Some say that fashion gives an individual a sense of self-expression. Fashion is a language…

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  • Fashion In American Culture

    Diana Vreeland, a known “empress of fashion”, once said, “Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes” (LeTrent 19). Fashion is generally defined as the clothing and accessories that are worn by individuals. Even though fashion seems like a simple and insignificant topic, fashion impacts almost every aspect of our society. Fashion reveals not only cultural changes that are occurring in society, but…

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