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  • Personal Experience: Beauty Queen Of Leenane And All My School

    Todd, I quickly realized my skills for comprehending reading and relating to situations in my life, would not be sufficient moving forward. The format and style of reading was not something I was familiar with. Then, as we analyzed Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats in the forum posts, I again felt uncomfortable and out of sorts relating the very short poems to the detailed assignments. Lastly, as we read and discussed Watership Down, I was initially overwhelmed and predetermined that I would not enjoy the novel. This perception was grounded from your introduction to the novel when you indicated that it falls into the same category as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Game of Thrones. I normally do not find that genre of reading or film of interest. On the contrary, I did enjoy the novel and hopefully my work will be a reflection of my learning curve and understanding of the assignment. When reflecting on my character analysis essay, Tobias, the Servant, it is apparent that I selected a character to be dynamic, while my evidence proved him to be a static character. Thus, I failed to develop the essay. More importantly, I struggled with completing the assignment, opposed to recapping the play, Sweeney Todd. I also felt the feedback from the SmarThinking Tutor Response on my 1st submission was not constructive of the assignment. I included the assignment details, yet, the response did not suggest a redirect from focusing of recapping the play, to the assignment.…

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  • The 1997 Italian Film Life Is Beautiful By Roberto Benigni

    Historical Perception The 1997 Italian film, Life Is Beautiful, directed by Roberto Benigni, portrays the events of the Holocaust. Benigni’s film portrays the event in a different light than past Holocaust films. The film takes place during World War II, which was a difficult time for Europeans, especially for those who were Jewish. Jewish people during this time were put into concentration camps, where they were being rapidly executed. The film does not give the actual event itself justice.…

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  • Titanic: Movie Review: Parthiv Patel's 1997 Film Review

    Titanic: Parthiv Patel’s 1997 movie review Fictional characters: Leonardo DeCaprio as Jack Dawson poor man from Wisconsin he win the Titanic tickets in card game, Kate Winslet as Rose Bukater a 17 year old girl from Philadelphia who was forced in to engagement to 30 year old man Cal Hockley so her mother Ruth can maintain higher class in society, Billy Zane as Cal Hockley rich and arrogant 30year old fiancé of Rose, Frances Fisher as Ruth Bukater Rose’s widowed mother who arrange the Rose’s…

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  • The Forbidden Joy Of Independence In The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

    The Forbidden Joy of Independence In the short story of Kate Chopin “The Story of an Hour” she shares a story about a woman named Mrs. Mallard with heart trouble who finds out her husband has been involved in an accident and died. She is in disbelief and later realizes that it is a new start for her to actually have freedom, but then later finds out her husband did not die and she dies of a heart attack. The author shows the process of her disbelief turning into actual relief by describing the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Jamestown And The Plymouth Plantation

    From the General History of Virginia to the Of Plymouth Plantation, both of these stories involve the journey to the new world. Although these stories have few similarities such as, where they came from; the help they received in the new world when they were in trouble; and how they felt on the way to the new world; they also had their differences. Some of the differences that these two stories held was their purpose of why they went to the new world in the first place; how they treated each…

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  • The Enchanted Amulet Chapter 6 Essay

    CHAPTER SIX The Enchanted Amulet Morning brought heavy clouds of chocolate-colored dust and whipping winds, gloomy weather that made it hard to remain hopeful. “Off on another adventure, eh?” Cotton coughed, as he vaulted over a dust devil. “This is exciting. Just you and me on a quest to track down the golden key.” “I just hope we can find it soon. This stuff is awful,” I choked. “I even have grit between my teeth.” “What’d you say?” he shouted. “You’re a pit beneath my wreath. What does that…

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  • Courage-Personal Narrative

    Courage The cool, February air chills up my body as I walk with a smile plastered across my face. Life was good-- 8th grade was a time where nothing was too challenging, nor too simple. This was a time where days would move by slowly, weeks would fly by easily, and months zipped by at light speed. However, this all changed when one day I was just sitting in my bed studying for an upcoming history test, and a name popped up across my screen: *Zach. Something about Zach calling was peculiar, he…

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  • Happy Birthday Message

    Hey. Happy birthday! I hope you 've been having a great summer so far and it 'll be even better after your 17th! I kinda miss you and I 'm still hoping to get a text from you someday saying that we can give it another shot or start over but I 'm not expecting it. I really regret what I did. Everyday I regret it. I wish it didn 't happen. Good luck at GHP and with your subject SATs, and I already know you got a 5 on all your AP exams! I have no doubt that you will get a 5 on the national exams. I…

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  • In The Skin Of A Lion Analysis

    Inquiry Paper “Fiction is like a spider's web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners.” ~ Virginia Woolf. For a spider the web is the key part of her existence, spun through individual silk, piece by piece it eventually connects together to form a web that provides life for the spider, a new start. Though weaved with care it does have its limitations in strength, weak and miniature bugs will get caught, but the powerful and big will destroy the web.…

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  • The Use Of Point Of View In Sandra Scofield's 'Swim'

    The Way a Story is told: Surprising Points of Views in Sandra Scofield’s Swim Sandra Scofield’s new collection, Swim, contains three linked stories about a young, free-spirited woman who hitchhikes across the country. The main character is mostly nameless, but is referred to as Baby a few times. As we learn more and more about Baby throughout the stories, she remains both mysterious and captivating. What is peculiar about Scofield’s collection that I am interested in and will examine in this…

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