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  • The Importance Of Trust In Relationships

    It is crazy to think that an intangible object can almost define your relationship with someone. A relationship meaning your parents, a sibling, a family member, a good friend, a teacher, a spouse or significant other, or even someone you do not really know. There are a lot of components that go into a good healthy relationship; there is communication, respect, affection, responsibility, and transparency. But there is also something called trust, without it you might as well not have a relationship with that person. If you trust someone you are starting with a good foundation in the relationship. People who trust each other are more likely to have a better relationship than people who do not trust each other. Trust is having confidence in someone that they have the ability to do something, it is believing that what a person is telling you is the truth, it is knowing that the person has no intentions to hurt you, and it is knowing that without a doubt in your mind that they are on your side. For a healthy relationship you need to be able to believe that you can trust someone with your life or the life of your loved ones. You need to know that no matter what if your life is in someone’s hands that you know deep down you will be fine. For me to trust someone with my life I need to know that this person has a good head on their shoulders and also I want them to have their best intentions for me and my life. But you do not have to believe in them for something as serious as your…

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  • Short Story: Ascending From Cinder

    CHAPTER TWELVE Ascending From Cinder Over breakfast, which consisted of loaves of wheat bread and different shades of blueberry jam, we discussed our plan for the day. It was to be a kind of search, for the captains’ ship and then the dragons. I wolfed down my food, anxious to get started and by 9:00 a.m. Sirethiel time, we’d thanked Raven for her hospitality and left the castle. We headed west for a set of golden ridges on the other side of the palm trees, but veered off toward what looked…

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  • Reflection On Brunel Music Rating Exercise

    In order to generate a ten-song playlist that typically assists me in achieving physical health while doing exercises, I started to select music from those I usually listened to while I was walking or doing exercises. I was struggling at first when I simply sat down and selected songs in my iPod, because there seemed to be a lot of songs that could be chosen as long as the beats were not too slow and the styles were lively, which made me confused about how to limit the playlist to only ten songs…

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  • Symbolism In Song Of Soloman

    In “Song of Soloman”, Morrison tells a remarkable story reflecting the absence of a father figure in African American homes. Instead of looking at the absence of the black man in a blackm family, she depicts this men not as traitors or deserters, but as strong, exploratory spirits providing a solid foundation for their children, even if his absence affects them. Morrison introduces the imagery of flight, using this to capture a vast foreshadowing to the family’s changing aspects of “Song of…

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  • Song Of Song Analysis

    claims that the Song of Song is a marker and by product of ancient biblical communal and theological identity with core values that upholds sexual purity and emphasizes the essentiality of desire within covenant love relationship. This paper suggests that Song is an anthology of love songs that emerged from the oral tradition; revised and refined over a period of centuries from 10th to 4th century B.C.E through a medium technology analogous to the shared internet; and edited and recasted in its…

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  • Sexism In Popular Music Analysis

    sexist, or racist lyrics as a song ended, leaving me wondering what I missed. This spurred my interest in the possibility of sexist content going unnoticed or unprocessed in music, and the possible consequences this might have. In this paper, I will seek to explore if Grinnelleans, a community highly involved with social justice, find instances of sexism in lyrics of popular songs when listening, and if reading the lyrics thereafter yields any instances of sexism they did not notice while…

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  • How To Blame Victims In Everyday Life

    The day of the presentation was here and Suendy asked if we printed all the material and if we were ready to present we said yes, but I did not feel comfortable with her asking all those questions because she did not have the right to do it. We get ready to present our songs and as usual she did not wanted to speak in front of the class, so we had to force her by not talking so she had to do speak. Although Suendy was kind of irresponsible when it comes to do work outside from class and…

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  • Character Analysis Of Tom Robinson In To Kill A Mockingbird

    Mockingbirds are beautiful, singing many songs. Showing up in many ways. They do nothing other than amuse and sing for listeners enjoyment, but why hurt them? Jeremy Finch, son of Atticus Finch, brother of Scout and a citizen of Maycomb. In the beginning Jem is 10 years old and through the book ages 3 years and becomes 13. After growing up, Jem becomes courageous, protective, loving and caring. He is like a mockingbird once he grows up a bit he becomes really nice but he still gets insulted and…

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  • Jon Cozart: Video Analysis

    Jon Cozart, formally known from the YouTube channel “Paint”, is a YouTube personality that uses his musical talents to create quality satirical videos about pop culture, social events, and politics. His original and witty lyrics make the videos entertaining and the quality of his videos improves as his channel grows. Jon Cozart uploaded his first video in 2010 titled “Share The Love (Original Ukulele)”, which was an original song he made to share positivity and humor with a large audience. Now…

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  • Musical Analysis Of Daft Punk

    Amira Ali Breckling MUSC 1120 09 November 2017 “Get Lucky” Cover Paper Rough Draft This paper will compare and contrast the song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk and the cover by Daughter. Daft Punk is an all male group of four people. Daughter is a female solo artist. For the most part, Daughter kept the lyrics the same. She had a slight change towards the end to put her own spin on it. Each song had a different tempo. Tempo means the speed of the music Daft Punk had a faster one while Daughter took…

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