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  • Analysis: Someone Waits For You At Home

    Every day twenty eight people’s lives have been taken in the United States due to an impaired friend driving under the influence. That adds up to about 10,220 deaths per year all because someone felt the need to put themselves,and others in the car at risk, just because they could not wait until they were not impaired to drive. The Budweiser marketing team devised a commercial in 2015 called “Someone Waits For You At Home” to try to persuade people to not drive while inebriated. They create a sense of pain and sadness in order to convey the message to not drink and drive amongst those who are at the legal drinking age, and to those under the drinking age so they can influence people early on in their life. They encourage people that they have someone waiting for them at home so it is not worth it to even step into the car drunk. The marketing team of “Someone Waits For You At Home”, emphasizes enthymeme, concise yet passionate diction, and mood to share the message not to drink and drive. The first approach the marketing team takes is they use enthymeme, an implied reference, to appeal to people of drinking age. In this commercial ad they show the dog whining almost painfully at the door waiting for his owner to come home. This implies that it is bad to leave your dog, companion to suffer in sadness for a long length of time. This does not actually need to be stated aloud, as it is the main point of that part they are trying to put out there. The man later comes home saying…

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  • Red Petals: A Short Story

    Rosy Red Petals BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP… Briana opens her eyes as she hears her alarm clock ringing in her ears. She then jumps right out of the bed before it flips her over. It is 6:30 A.M. and she needs to get out of the house by quarter till 8 at the latest. She is dragging herself into her shower booth, luckily the bathroom is already steamed up for her. She takes a quick twenty-minute shower and runs downstairs in her robe to start her kitchen to make her breakfast and lunch. She stares at…

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  • Victor's Negative View Of The Creature In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

    In Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor’s world is in a continuous state of change, from his family to his environment. However, the one thing that never deviates in the novel is Victor’s negative perspective of the Creature. Victor cannot change his perspective because he sees himself in the Creature, he has grown to despise himself due to his various actions in the novel, and because of this he hates the monster. Elizabeth, the most important member of Victor’s family, appears to be one of…

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  • My Father Research Paper

    Have you ever had one of the worst people in your life become the best role model you have ever had? My whole life I just wanted my father to be there for me and love me like he loved my younger siblings, But I never felt what that was like. I wanted to be more of a priority instead of being shoved to the side like I was a burden to him. I thought I wanted to grow up and be like my father, but I found out that I didn’t. I learned more about who I wanted to be as a man, and as a father in my own…

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  • Victor's Death In Frankenstein

    In the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein’s death was a tragedy because of how smart and talented he was. However, he was very troubled due to his creature. After the creature had been born, Victor thought, “I had desired it with an ardour that far exceeded moderation; but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart” (39). Victor’s creature was horrendous to look at, had an IQ of a baby, and had ability to…

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  • A Day That Changed My Life Essay

    The day that changed my life was the day my family had seen Jim’s body for the last time. Then I realized even if I do well and protect myself things are still uncontrollable. Also, I cannot protect everyone else around me and neither am I myself invincible. It was that day that I was finally aware of death. Yes, everyone knows that eventually every living thing dies, but I thought however, for some reason this would never happen to me. Now I realize how wrong I was. Jim, he was like a father…

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  • The Sacco Scandal

    Now a days, everyone has their own personal device such as an iPhone or a smartphone in general. Older generational people would say that it is bad, but people our age would say it is great. Since we have this great technology it is sometimes good and other times bad. For instance, someone could go on twitter right now and say something completely rude to someone and it could make that person get really sad or mad. According to Rothwell, “Flaming is a cyber-term for an abusive, attacking written…

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  • Personal Narrative: P. E.

    What are we going to be doing for P.E we were thinking of running the mile today because one of our friends forgot his clothes because he left it in the in his bed at his house I almost forgot my but what I forgot was my lunch card I didn't have 5 dollars to pay for a new lunch card. After a few hours I was leaving home because the school had ended, I was so hungry that I could resist my own hunger so what I did was run home, I got to my mom and said mom, I'm starving because I haven't ate…

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  • Personal Narrative: Resolving Conflict

    Growing up, I noticed, when approached with conflict, my sisters and my mother would often state that they did not want to talk about it or would simply leave the room. I now have a phrase for this: the exit response. For us, the exit response was always temporary. If the problem was serious, it would eventually be brought back up; if it wasn’t, then things usually got better on its own. While my dad is often the first to use the voice response, I have noticed that my dad often chooses the…

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  • My Quest For Knowledge In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    While reading Frankenstein I was shaken to the core. Now that sounds like an over exaggeration, but I was reading much more of the story than what is presented. I read between the lines and then dug up dirt. I read at the root of the story and in doing so I was moved to tears. Frankenstein is about character building. Victor Frankenstein starts out as a student with a hunger and thirst for knowledge. Somewhere along the line he loses his way and becomes obsessed with his quest for discovery. I…

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