Persuasive Speech About Tattoos

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When someone is in the process of trying to decide what tattoos to get there are many things to think about like where to get it done, how much it is going to cost and where you want to place it on your body . However, one thing that might not go through your mind is if I get this tattoo, will it affect my appearance as an employee somewhere or even if I decide to join the military would I still qualify. These are all valid questions that will need to be answered during this thought process. Today we are going to talk about why it is important to think about how a tattoo will affect your future, what jobs do not except tattoo or are very strict on their tattoo policies and What should be done to prevent these problems from happening.
As you know, most tattoos are permanent! Yes, there are new ways to get them off and/or cover them up but, to get something that you might regret later down the line is a waste. It would just be a waste of money both ways. I recently
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I believe that there should be a checklist when getting a tattoo that would ask questions like do you know all the health risk, and if not here, they are. In your future profession, do you think this tattoo will be acceptable and if not and would you consider getting it in a place that can be easily covered? Even though some people may think it is not right to question why a person is getting a tattoo or even to give you any advice on the matter but this would keep you from getting something that is very permeant and would cost hundreds to fix. Think of it this way, is it better to be asked a hundred times if you like something than to have them give it to you and you change your mind. In life, we might be judged for something we believe in but the better prepared for the world we are, the better off our lives may

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