Periodontal ligament

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  • Dental Hygiene Assessments: A Case Study

    comprehensive periodontal treatment. The hygiene care was deferred to 2015 due to work commitment. A complete dental hygiene assessment was performed again this year as patient 's condition may have changed drastically since last appointment and thus previous observations and charting recorded may be incorrect. The key findings from the initial assessment appointment will be outlined in this essay before discussing the clinical interventions performed, referrals required, and the oral hygiene instruction…

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  • Periodontal Disease: A Case Study

    Introduction Periodontal disease refers to any form of pathologic inflammation of the tissues that surround the teeth and it is considered one of the most common causes of teeth loss on adults in United States. According to a recent report from CDC (Control Disease Center), 47.2% of adults aged 30 years and older have some form of periodontal disease. There are two general categories of periodontal diseases, and their classification is based on whether there is attachment or bone loss involved…

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  • Dental Disease And Diabetes: A Case Study

    Dental care is an important component to overall health and is particularly important for individuals with diabetes. As educators and diabetes care providers we play an instrumental role in educating patients on the connection between oral health and diabetes, recognizing potential signs of dental disease, and helping to ensure appropriate referrals to dental health professionals. This article will address the correlation between dental disease and diabetes, explore statistics of periodontal…

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  • Short Essay On English Foxhound

    English Foxhound The English foxhound is of compelling form, with extensive bone. The measure of bone at the lower leg is considered particularly imperative. This fabricate, alongside nearly straight angulation of the smothers, favors stamina over rate. The rich, profound voice is prized for the chase. Numerous English foxhounds have "adjusted" ears, in which around 1 " are surgically expelled from the end of the ear. Customarily a pack dog, the English foxhound in any case makes a stately…

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  • Zygomatic Bone Case Study

    divided 1cm above the zygomatic arch into superficial layer of temporal fascia that is attached to the lateral surface of the zygomatic arch, and a deep layer of temporal fascia that is attached to the medial wall of the zygomatic arch. The frontal branch of the facial nerve runs within the content of the superficial layer of the deep temporal fascia (Hwang & Kim, 1999). An attempt to expose the fracture site of the zygomatic arch, an incision should be made below the superficial layer of the…

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  • Skeleton Model Research Paper

    Briefly identify and discuss bones of the pectoral and pelvic girdles as well as their attached limbs associated with skeleton models found in your text. The pectoral griddle contains: 2 clavicle bones (known as collarbones that brace the scapula and arms making up the shoulder); and 2 scapula bones (known as the shoulder blades functioning as a stabilizer and provides movement of the shoulder). The attachments of the upper extremity from the pectoral area includes: 2 humerus (these are the…

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  • Wrist Joint Case Study

    The wrist or carpus is a highly mobile structure composed of many small bones and joints. In the anatomy of the human hand, a total of 13 bones form part of the wrist- eight carpal bones- scaphoid, lunate, triquetral, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate and hamate; and five metacarpal bones which are joined along with two long bones of the forearm- the radius and the ulna (Platzer 2004). This complex system of articulations works in unison to provide a global range of motion for the wrist…

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  • Hemisection Case Study Examples

    treatment option available in cases of molars affected by extensive periodontal lesions that threaten the loss of the tooth. Hemi-section of the affected tooth allows the preservation of tooth structure,…

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  • Dental Malpractice Case

    Malpractice Name Institutional affiliation The appellant filed a dental malpractice against the defendant. The suit arose from an incident where a tray containing material used to make dental impressions stuck in the patient’s mouth. It required considerable effort to dislodge it. The force used to dislodge the tray allegedly injured the patient’s neck. The appellant went to the dentists to have her teeth cleaned. The dentist decided that she also needed an impression and instructed…

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  • Patanjali Kanti Toothpaste Case Study

    PATANJALI’S “DANT KANTI” TOOTHPASTE IS the following big element Dental problems are the most extreme troubles which affect frame’s device very badly and leaves body proper for nothing as intake of eatables might be low throughout dental problems. This grabs the attention of the people to the pleasant alternative to be had to therapy them. For any product that we select it's miles important to look at the ingredients of the product and notice the starting place of the product that from where the…

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