Characteristics Of Art In The Renaissance

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Renaissance is called as the early modern period and a time of enlightenment with most famous art, discoveries, poetry, medicine, inventions and other achievements were accomplished. Even some ideas of old time were intact but many new beliefs and concepts were formed as well. The medieval time was a challenging period with too plagues and other evil acts of inhuman nature. Later, the world changed a lot and diseases and evils of old time started to disappear. This however took much time to spread all over Europe but the humanity was indeed reborn. Humanism became important and people started to think about themselves as individuals. The art of Renaissance became more artistic and individualistic. Many new techniques and colors were used to make the art impressive. Earlier the poetry was done to earn money but in Renaissance it didn’t stay a primary source of income …show more content…
According to Nicholl, This painting was painted between the years or1503-1506 and is the portrait of a woman. Though the painting shows a simple woman who is beautiful and young, it became famous all over the world and brought immortal fame to Leonardo. The painting was famous for the mysterious smile of woman in it and stayed the subject to ponder and speculate for centuries. Many studies were made on the woman and people tried to find out who wshe really was. She was guessed to be Mona Lisa Gherardini, who was a courtesan, however later she was suggested to be Lisa Del Giocondo, who was a wife of merchant. This painting is among the best paintings of world so far and is in fact on top of them (Nicholl, 2013). The contributions of Leonardo made the Renaissance an enlightenment era in real sense. Leonardo influenced many people of his age to carry out great innovations for science and introduced modern technology of that time. Renaissance could be the era of rebirth without

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