Impact Of The Renaissance

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How Did the Renaissance Change Man’s View of the World?

The time period from the 1350s to about 1700 otherwise known as the Renaissance was the rebirth and awakening for new ideas and inventions. With the different advances that were made, people became more educated and ignorance about the world and nature was no longer the norm for the average person. A majority of the population was no longer illiterate people became curious and started to ask question, unlike during the Middle Ages. Now there was knowledge on a wide spectrum and people pondered the new information that was presented to them which ultimately changed their view of the world around them. The Renaissance effectively changed man’s view of the world in a multitude of ways but
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In Document B there is an excerpt from the play Everyman written by an unknown author which embodies Middle Age thinking, written in the play is, “Ye man think sin in the beginning is full sweet”, it then goes on to say “For ye shall hear, how our Heaven-King Calleth Everyman to a general reckoning: Give argument and hear what he doth say.” From the text it’s clear to see that the people of the Middle Ages were greatly concerned with religious matters. The literary works were written mostly by Christians, who tried to persuade the people to live right and serve god so they would be guaranteed to go to heaven. By the Renaissance there was a great shift in how man was viewed as a whole. Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s is a great example of the Renaissance view of humans. It states, “What a piece of work is a man!” “In action how like an angel! In appreciation how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals!” The great contrast between the two eras is clear in the works of literature. The Renaissance shifted the view of how people perceived themselves. No longer were humans though of as miniscule, insignificant creatures who had to grovel for mercy from their savior, humans were now lifted to the same level as gods and angles, and the uniqueness of the individual was praised as they were thought of as the perfect model of …show more content…
The middle ages were a period with little to no educational advances or new inventions. The people relied on the church for guidance and adhered blindly to the religions in which they were born. Myths were believed over scientifically proven theories because the people weren’t very educated which in turned made them rarely questioned the validity of what they learned. The Renaissance was effective in changing the way that people thought. Man’s view or the world was changed through art because instead of focusing solely on religious figures the people started to embrace the uniqueness of the individual; in literature for instead of fearing eternal damnation people started to see how awe inspiring and magnificent human were as a species; finally man’s view of the world was changed through science for, unlike during the Middle Ages were scientific theories were backed by little to no evidence, the Renaissance ideas were, for the knowledge that spread was mostly accurate because the sciences were done with math, observation, and experiments. Ultimately the Renaissance was a period that changed man’s view of the world through a variety of

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