Japanese Imperialism In Korea Essay

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Within the world history, the colonization of Japan ruling Korea only lasted for 35 years. During the colonial period, Japanese imperialism in Korea had a significant ambivalent impact towards many Koreans. This essay will compare and contrast the differences between the first ten and second ten years of Japanese colonial policy in Korea. This is because Korea experiences dramatically changes in their cultural, political and economic policy under the Japanese rules. The essay will then distinguish why Japan changed its policies during the colonial period and how the changes in these two decades were effective.
During the Meiji period, Japan has taken a huge leap into westernizing the country. The leap of Japan’s extensive westernization had outstandingly form an uprising position along with the Western power, establishing a stronger
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The Japanese used the Korean economy as resources for the country’s needs. At the beginning of the colonial period, the Japanese extensively took over the land survey of Korea, causing many Korean landowners face controversial issues such as losing their lands and business. However, the land survey was not essentially a negative situation, as it provided enlightenment towards promoting taxations advantage and agricultural planning (Pilat, 1994). The Japanese first approach to Korea 's economic development was investing numerous power on heavy infrastructure. This includes expanding railway network, improving harbor ports and developing communication. The second approach to Korean economic development was enhancing the agricultural industry such productions like rice and other primary products were set to make a progress (Kohli, 1994). These outcomes became a significant industrialization for Korea, as the nation was once a weak country on its

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