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  • How Poetry Positively Affects People's Life

    Dylan Thomas once said, “Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry … makes you know that you are alone in this unknown world, that your bliss and suffering is forever shared and forever all your own.” (Huffington Post) Poetry is a vital language that is everywhere around us, but unfortunately ‘actual’ poetry is becoming a lot less popular. Nevertheless, poetry should not be a dead art -- rather it should be embraced. Poetry is a significant art form that positively affects people’s lives by providing them with a vital aid to living. Poems are able to help people with many emotional problems they may be experiencing. People all around the world look towards poems for support and help, and often times, it works. Secondly, poetry stretches…

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  • Bowling Basin Rejuvenation Programme Analysis

    about rejuvenation programme for Bowling Basin I would like to propose a site-specific performance piece as part of the Bowling Basin rejuvenation programme. The performance would aim to attract the local community, passers by as well as anyone interested in the history of the harbour. The Bowling Harbour was first opened in 1851. It was a pioneer within the UK shipbuilding industry and provided the country with a large quantity of quality ships, before and during the war. The area was also…

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  • Riverdance Evaluation

    I decided to watch The Best of Riverdance for my investigational response. The video I watched included 18 best of Riverdance performances. Riverdance is considered a stage show featuring Irish step dancing and Irish music. The first original piece referred to as “Riverdance” was performed in 1994 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Ireland. The piece was well received and prompted Moya Doherty (Producer), Bill Whelean (Composer and Musician), and John McColgan (Director and Producer) to…

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  • Indian Classical Dance Analysis

    through graceful body movements with no poetic meaning to convey constitutes Nritta. The backbones of Nritta are hand gestures, dance patterns which emphasizes the significance of acute synchronization between rhythm and time with dance movements. Foot beats and dance poses are the real assets of movement, which add essence to Nritta. The two vital components of nritta are beat and tempo [27, 28, and 29]. Nritya is the illustration of poetry through graceful and designed movements or dance. Here…

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  • A Man Of No Importance Essay

    their tickets, and read poetry to them. Alfie loved the art of theater and expressed it every chance he got. Many people loved Alfie and…

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  • Evolution Of The Lakalaka Dance

    Lakalaka is a dance form from the island Tonga, a small island between Australia and New Zealand. Lakalaka literally means, “to stride back and forth” and is one of the only Tongan dances to be considered truly indigenous (Shumway, 29). Lakalaka is a dance form that combines dance, poetry, and music to celebrate the “goodness of the Tongan way of life” (Shumway TWO, 468). I chose to research this dance because I know nothing about it and it seems to not be prevalent in many other countries…

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  • Sufi Religion

    stamp along to the song that it may help young people to untie from their worldly passions and desires. The main aim of this dance is to attain the ecstasy. He once said “The Nature of young people is such that they are not free from desires. Desires have power and control over them. If they clap their hands and stamp their feet the intensity of their desires will decrease and they should be able to control their outward actions better. It is better to partially relieve oneself of the excessive…

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  • Comparison Of Naqqali Of Bijan And Manijeh

    audience’s sense of community. The light of the stage is set and projected evenly to the same effect. As Naqqali performances would often take place in coffee houses the decor and props are chosen in a way to represent a traditional coffee house. For instance, the walls around the stage are decorated with paintings of epic scenes from Shahnameh. Other details of stage decoration such as using tea pots, sugar bowls, tea cups and saucers along with the paintings are served to create the…

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  • Bharata Natyam: Style Of Classical Indian Dance

    Natyam is a style of classical Indian dance that originated in the temple of Brhadeshvar in the area of Tamil Nadu. This style of dance can be traced back to the Natya Shasta, a Sanskrit Hindu text, which was written sometime around the 1st century BCE – 3rd century CE. In this text, written by Bharata, where Bharata Natyam gets its name, is an outline of the different facets of Sanskrit Theatre. Although in the west typically associates theatre with drama, classical Sanskrit theatre encompasses…

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  • Tabernaculo De Dios Filadelphia

    “Anda arriba, anda abajo predicando la palabra” meaning up and down the street preaching the word of God. The song was in a verse-chorus structure and also call and response form. An example of the call and response would be “poder, poder, poder de Dios” (“power, power, power of God”) as Figueroa sang (called) the first two powers the entire church would respond with power of God. The instruments that were being used for thus performance were an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar, claves,…

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