Exploring The Poem Richard Cory

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In this essay, I decided to choose a poem that got my attention in a mystery and shocking way. The poem I chose was "Richard Cory" the reason why is for the way this poem gives a strong message that really got my attention and motivated me to look forward the poem, also the thought of never finding out what occurred through his mind or life event that motivated him to harm himself. I honestly enjoy the way how in the beginning of the poem,it explains how in everybody's view his perfect, respected, and admired and currently, to what I had to say the evidence supports my claim is in the poem phrase where it was mentioned," we thought that he was everything to make us wish that we were in his place."This really gives an impact on my thought of view also including the poem. This poem relates to the world in many different ways and impacts people all over the world. In the world we live in, most people always have in mind that they would like to experience someone's …show more content…
Moving forward I would enjoy explaining what the poem was all about in the beginning the poem was so nice and smooth also inspiring to people, moving tours the end you begin to not understand the reasons for why it ended that way, there's plenty of emotions the unexpected arrives.In the beginning of the poem, Richard Cory is an enormous admired man also he is viewed as a perfect, respectful, also educated men that everybody wishes to become or also be in the desire wish to be in his place. Richard Cory is someone who everybody admires and they look up to. Tours the end it mentions how in one of the most exciting enjoyable seasons of the year referring to summer is when he decides to suicide himself, moving on this is a powerful way to turn around a poem from being too joyful and full of life and love also success to at the ending becoming awful also a mouth dropping

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