The Breakage Of Death In Metropolis, By Gary Jackson

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Do you think that the way we grow up has a lasting effect on us? The things we go through and are surrounded by as children will shape our personality and how we deal with things? The underlying theme of these poems is a very deep and difficult subject to talk about, the breakage of a person and of a friendship. The way we deal with our past make us who we are, but how much can a person handle before they break? Stuart broke, Jackson was broken by Stuarts suicide attempt because he didn't know how to react to it, and these poems purpose an idea that we should handle suicide differently because, a suicide effects not only the person but the people around them, it breaks them.
In Missing you, Metropolis written by Gary Jackson the poem "Machine" (65) takes you through a failed suicide attempt of the authors life-long friend. Jackson writes, "Stuart showed me the cross-like scars/ on his wrists, proud of his curiosity./ He wanted to see how the veins/ pulled it all together, hoping to make sense// of god's machine."(65) Gods machine relates back to the title of the poem "Machine" (65) in that the human body is a machine. When comparing the human body to a machine, consider that machines work until they are broken sometimes they can be fixed but other times they can't. The author is saying that humans work
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Consider/ how we enter this world, not alone,/ but with someone/ only a scream away." (7) They were always together as if they were one person since birth, born "only a scream away" (7), this world had finally broken them in two, they were no longer together as one, but separate. Consider the feelings that this must have had on them. This harsh world broke a lifelong friendship in two, not because they went their separate ways, but because one of them couldn't make it through the

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