Modernism In Edwin Arlington Robinson's 'Richard Cory'

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Late in the 1800 's was born a great American poet by the name of Edwin Arlington Robinson. A naturally talented writer, Robinson grew into his profession during an era of struggle. While the world squandered to acquire wealth, and while most failed, the poets of this time solemnly wrote about what was unfolding. Events throughout his life lead to the inspiration for one of his most famous poems, “Richard Cory”. Edwin Arlington Robinson was a poet in the Modernist era significant to American poetry because he described such dramatic and vivid scenes, such as “Richard Cory”, by using reticence and simplicity.
"Poet Ezra Pound is credited for bringing the techniques of literary modernism to the United States in the early 20th century"(Modernism, 894). However, the Modernist Era arose in the 20th century and throughout WWII. Modernism was inspired by the experimentation of: new literary techniques, forms, subjects, and structures. "Modernists reavealed important emotions and ideas with understatement and irony"(Modernism, 895). Rather than declaring the meaning of their poems, authors used many images and symbols to imply meaning. Modernists often did not interpret
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It tells of how Richard Cory walks through town, a rich man, with peculiar stature and a significant aura. The townspeople mention his manners and how he presents himself as a humble gentleman. He is envied and admired, yet the citizens still live with self-pity and anguish. Until one day, when Richard Cory takes a gun to his head, and commits a suicide so drastic. This poem is famous because, like many of Robinson 's poems, it is straight-forward and unambiguous with its diction. Robinson, in many of his poems uses "themes of personal failure, artistic endeavor, materialism, and the inevitability of change."(Edwin Arlington Robinson) However, the magnificence of the simplicity remains

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