Performance art

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  • Performance Art Case Study

    orchestrated by an artist, performance art bases itself on time. Performance art usually contains four main elements: time, space, the body, and the interaction between the audience and artist. Its major purpose is to challenge the conventions of the traditional visual art such as painting and sculpture. When these forms cannot serve or answer an artists ' needs, artists turn to performance to help them explore new ideas and find new audiences. The body and performance art challenges the idea of the Modernist movement during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Artists would approach their art with different perspectives. Some would act alone and use photography with different models of representation, some would contextualize through engagement with the audience, as others would engage with other performers by staying active in a physical or even in a sexual manner. As the American art historian, Amelia Jones, studies the importance of performance art by laying out their important aspects as they’re documented, she set out three case studies which will help explore the body as art. In the article “Presence” in Absentia: Experiencing Performance as Documentation,…

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  • Happenings, Fluxus And Performance Art Analysis

    Performance Art has been a active sector of art in the past century. The origins of this kind of art started in the mid-1950s and has only grown larger. The movement of visual art to a more conceptual, somatic experience was most prominent with the rise of Happenings and the Fluxus movement. Art, as demonstrated by these movements was more than an experience separate from the viewer, but instead a holistic experience that included both mind and body. These movements allowed more interaction…

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  • Action Painting Vs Performance Art

    Action Painting vs Performance Art Introduction – 250 words In my dissertation I want to explore the differences and similarities between action painting and performance art. I will explore the technical processes and conceptual ideas in abstract expressionism, how abstract expressionism started, and what key events took place to influence the start of abstract expressionism and its impact on postmodernism and contemporary art practices and how it developed over the years. I will explore artists…

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  • Essay On Performance Art

    of art is performance art. The definition of performance art is live art. Throughout the 20th century, performance art has been allowing performers to express themselves, shock their audience, and reflect political agendas. Performance art of the 20th and 21st century reflected the political agendas of the time, like the rise of feminism, anti war activism and socialism. Most performance art it is meant to shock and appall it's audience. Guillermo Gomez-Pena is a perfect example of a…

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  • Marina's Performance Art Analysis

    Marina Abramović is one of the greatest female performing artists of the 20th century, known as "performance art" mother and as a self described "grandmother of performance art." Marina, as an early creator of long-term cosmopolitan, no fixed abode living, has lived in Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, and as such is truly a "global citizen." Marina began her nearly four-decade long performance art career in the 1970's. She uses her body as her raw material and as her original…

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  • Concert Reflection Essay

    Last week I had the privilege of witnessing an hour performance of “Cello Suites: Bach and Britten” at hosted by the Canadian Opera Company at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitehere at the Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts. The performance consisted of Joesph Johnson, the principle cellist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The program that afternoon, Johnson produced intense sounds for an hour by performing two pieces cello solo works of inspired from the Baroque period and the 20th century.…

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  • Urban Ballet

    I attended the performance entitled, Urban Ballet, at the Houston City Dance Studio. The studio is located near the Heights of Downtown Houston. Unbeknown to me, the show I saw on Saturday was their last performance. It consists of assorted styles of dance depicting the struggles of being an African-American using the music of Tupac. The Houston City Dance Studio is a nonprofit dance school and performing arts organization offering classes in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern dance. It was founded…

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  • Dance Stage Performance Analysis

    Introduction I so enjoy participating every lesson of Integrative arts even though the workload of this course is quite large. Everything on the stage is special even though I encounter a lot of trouble in the production process in fact. Also, I acquired knowledge and ability to create and critically interpret meaning through art, music, drama, and dance. All of these multiple formats of expression will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs. Music The performance I was responsible…

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  • Immersive Theatre

    scrutinized. By transcending traditional dramatic performances, yet still incorporating similar characteristics taken from conventional theatre, immersive theatre stimulates the spectator’s theatrical experience while still making it new yet familiar. It is crucial to present or evoke an action through the depiction of fictional events, or at least, through the embodiment of the presentation of events, in the presence of the audience. Their experience of these events and the actions involved…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay: My Personal Preference In Theatre

    is a form of art that requires live performers in order to share imagined or real life events before a live audience. I feel that theatre helps people within society develop a sense of comfort when dealing with certain issues or dilemmas that are happening or have happened around the world. Individuals can also gain some sort of understanding toward an opposing view by relations within a theatrical atmosphere. Cultures are greatly affected by theatre through the feeling of entertaining relief.…

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