Dance Stage Performance Analysis

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I so enjoy participating every lesson of Integrative arts even though the workload of this course is quite large. Everything on the stage is special even though I encounter a lot of trouble in the production process in fact. Also, I acquired knowledge and ability to create and critically interpret meaning through art, music, drama, and dance. All of these multiple formats of expression will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs.
The performance I was responsible for editing music. The background music of our production is often used film music. For example, Up, Inside Out and Requiem For A Dream. Also, there is some sound effect used in my soundtrack, such as the sound of school Bell Ringing, small group whispering
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At first, I have no idea of working these tasks which make me confused. Therefore, I tried to watch different videos of stage performance, especially musical and drama performances. I have watched the trailer of Singin' in the rain almost 30 times so as to help me to choreograph the last part (The happy dance) of our performance.
Moreover, for the dance arrangements of the cast, each step of the cast to walk, stations and dance have been carefully considered. The movements are based on the performance's central idea and the background music. For presenting the content of our production through movement, all of the action should be exaggerated and powerful. For example, the melody of the music is brisk, the performer may need to jump or run briskly on the stage in order to show the feelings of happy and active.
The beat of music is also one of the consideration, for example, in our performances, some part of the speed of the music is slow, the character have to dance slowly also. The conjunction between music and dance is inseparably close. On the other hand, there are some symbolic meanings within the movement. Sometimes, if we want to present a behavior which is related to drawing, we may use our figures, hand and foot create sliding

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