Marina's Performance Art Analysis

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Marina Abramović is one of the greatest female performing artists of the 20th century, known as "performance art" mother and as a self described "grandmother of performance art." Marina, as an early creator of long-term cosmopolitan, no fixed abode living, has lived in Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, and as such is truly a "global citizen." Marina began her nearly four-decade long performance art career in the 1970's. She uses her body as her raw material and as her original creation, has made a number of advanced and thought-provoking body performance artworks, visual art work and performance art, while in the process pushing the boundaries and becoming an unforgettable legend.
Marina Abramović, born on November 30, 1946
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The scene asked for the audience to choose among risky fatal props, including knives, guns, whips and other props, so that the audience can do any harm to her without her making any response or counterattack. During this period, Marina's attention through her people have been looking far ahead. Her "empty eyes" made her audience become more reckless in their behavior, and to intensify and become more extreme. Although Marina made eye contact with the participants, perhaps as a little bit of a deterrent to remind the audience that they are responsible for their actions, but still it did not seem to play much of a role. Later, the participants pick up the gun trying to hurt Marina, and she finally sheds helpless tears. In this extreme work, Marina seems to be forgotten in a corner like an abandoned child, expecting to get care, or to find a life balance. Marina's "Rhythm 0" explored without having to assume responsibility for the violations and aggressive participants, as this behavior is also to explore the moral bottom line of a classic case of human nature psychology. (Marina, and …show more content…
Women artists using their bodies as a medium of artistic expression should be free, not restrictive.
Our traditional rights-all action to limit the scale of the development of female artists, do not need men to establish compliance with the standard of artistic creation. If the art world dogmatically adheres to the masculine attitude toward the female in judging works of art, art becomes a metaphor for bringing more limitations and injuries to female artists.
Marina is not a clear-cut feminist artist, but her work covers the concept of freedom and has a most feminist expression. Moreover, Marina believes that the presentation of the artist's work should not just criticize, expose and resist the essence of responsibility, but "must convey ideas as widely as possible and educate the public." While it is true that much of her performance art exudes cruelty, pain, and intensity, it also deeply touches people's hearts. Her work is filled with the power of art, and through it she experiences love, learns how to love, and teaches us that our deepest aspirations transform us through the impact of education and art. Her particular art form of the body plays a delicate balancing act, both in the social field, and in the aesthetic field, and which has developed into an irresistible trend. Marina's whole life is figuratively

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