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  • Contract Betwee Advantages

    The law classifies among contracts of service and contracts for services. “A contract of service means there is an employer–employee relationship; a contract for services means there is a principal–independent contractor relationship” . A series of tests have been established to distinguish the working relationship of a person to understand if they are an employee or not. The Court of Appeal located terms of written contract between an employee and an independent contractor. In the ERA the test is “…employer 's actions, and how the employer acted… a fair and reasonable employer could have done in all the circumstances at the time the dismissal or action occurred” . The trustworthy verdict on the presentation of section 6 is the decision-making of the Supreme Court in Bryson v Three Foot Six Limited . In that decision, the Court stated: “in s 6(3)(a) ERA certainly include the written and oral terms of the contract between the parties… It was important that the Court… in implementing their contract… practice is crucial to a determination of its real nature”. The court referred to the law tests which includes control, fundamental and integration tests. This determines the intention of the parties, also the real nature of the relationship by using these tests. The control test concerns the “nature and degree of control over the person alleged to be the employee” . In the Cunningham case where the Court of Appeal overruled the Employment Court’s decision that the “person…

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  • Gig Economy Model

    Ordering an Uber has become a staple for urbanites everywhere. Whether one is going to work, get groceries or chill at the beach, you always know what you are going to get when you order an Uber, a smiling courteous driver happy to take you to your next destination, however, these smiles might be in short supply as many drivers are not happy with their current situation. Many other workers in the gig economy set up can sympathize with the Uber drivers as well. Currently, most gig economy workers…

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  • Independent Contractors

    Independent contractors are usually people considered to be lawyers, doctors, accountants, or even auctioneers who in a manner of speaking are professionals who present their services to the general public. Still an individual can be considered an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or exact only the effect of the work and not the outcome of the performance. An employee would be defined as an individual who works either full or part-time under an agreement of employment,…

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  • Efficient Market Hypothesis Essay

    This is because of the impact yearly distributions has on NAVs. NAVs measure the value of one share of a fund, like stock prices. They also give investors a way to compare a funds performance with market or industry benchmarks. However, some analysts argue that comparing long-term changes in a fund is not as meaningful as comparing long-term changes in its share price because funds will be reduced when the periodic distributions of capital gains are made to fundholders. The Kiwisaver Fund…

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  • Mutual Fund Rating Essay

    Ratings Could Be Misleading” relates mutual fund ratings to the loss aversion experienced by investors. Ratings companies such as Morning Star or Standard and Poor rate mutual funds with a one to five start rating system, with five being the highest. The rating each fund acquires reflects cost and risk adjusted historical performance. The article makes the case that the rating system does not take into account each potential investor’s loss aversion. Loss aversion describes the tendency to…

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  • Apple Company Bond Analysis

    The purpose of this paper is to analyze Apple’s stocks and bonds to determine whether an individual investor should invest in this company. I will use financial statements, reports from previous years, and ratio analyses. Combined this data will determine whether to add Apple to an investor’s portfolio or whether they should look for another investment opportunity. I will use various sources to gather information on the companies short and long term debt, credit rating, and interest rates to…

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  • The Concept Of Expound On Credit Analysis

    moneylenders to ensure safety of their money use this process. At the same time, bond portfolio managers or investors to debt issuing companies on the basis of their credit rating and financial situations also define credit analysis as investigation process that performs. Credit rating is an important instrument that used by lenders when performing credit analysis of a bond issuing institution or individual (Johnson, 2010). The concept of zeta score is useful to identify the risk of bankruptcy…

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  • Global Business Financial Environment: General Motors Company

    through to your investment line on the balance sheet; the amount of your investment increases by your share of dividends or profits. Consolidate the target company's balance sheet and income statement into your existing statement if you own more than 50 percent of the investment company. Joshua Farrar General Motors would invest in stocks and securities to increase its standing in the global marketplace. There are many factors which could come into play in determining if an organization…

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  • Sukuk Bond Analysis

    yield differences between the Islamic Sukuk and conventional bond. Firstly, the yield differences showed that the difference of conventional bonds suffer more risk due to the nature of receiving the high yield ratio than Sukuk. Conventional bonds generate two cash flows for investors. First, the face value of which is a fixed amount of funds that the bond issuer is obligated to pay to the bondholder when the bond matures. Second, the interest is a fixed amount of funds that the bond issuer is…

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  • Corporate Finance And Applications Fall 2016

    Corporate Finance and Applications Fall 2016 Professor R.A. Michelfelder, Ph.D. 52:390:310 December 14, 2016 Due: Tuesday, December 20, 2016 11:59 PM by Email FINAL EXAMINATION Please briefly respond to all of the following questions on each page. There are 6 pages of questions. This is a take-home examination. All responses are to be in your own words. This examination is due on Tuesday, 12/20/2016 at 11:59 PM and there are no exceptions. Any late submittals will result…

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