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  • Impact Of HRM In The Oil Industry

    Achieving 70% agreement levels in this round on all questions was difficult. Likewise, questions on transportation and supply management achieved 60% agreement levels, while 60% disagreement levels were achieved with questions on human resource management (HRM). However, the questions were to find out if HRM was not essential in the successful implementation and management of SCM in the oil industry. Therefore, the level of agreement was satisfactory in acknowledging the impact of HRM in sustaining effective supply chain management. Furthermore, 80% disagreement levels were observed on a particular question on inventory management in crude oil supply chains, with respondents disagreeing unanimously that you cannot have an effective supply chain without effective inventory management. Contention in findings was only observed with questions on crude oil logistics which examined the possibility of bottlenecks in the port process, for example when increased demand for crude oil occurs from China. Nonetheless, respondents were split in their feedback with 40% agreeing that increased demand will require operational contingencies in port transfer and crude oil despatch, while 40% disagreed that there will be no need to take precautions in regards to port management. In addition, the remaining 20% were undecided or did not want to comment. Furthermore, achieving the countries infrastructural economic and social goals in the Nigerian vision 2020 plan was not viewed by respondents to…

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  • Formal Inference: The Median Female Agreeableness

    the decision that back in the population of females and males, based on this sample size, females are more agreeable than males. The standard deviation of males (0.7433) is higher than the females standard deviation (0.6704), although it is different I can still be confident in making the call as the difference is very small. This small difference within the standard deviation of female and male agreeableness also lets us know that the data is clustered tightly to the average (rather than…

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  • Mr Lewis Case Study

    stated with 95% confidence that his PRI score lies between 96 and 108. This index is composed of three subtests, Block Design (SS=12), (VP=7), (MR=12). Given the similar moderate scoring among the subtests, the PRI should be considered unitary and interpretable. The PRI should be considered an overall indicator of fluid reasoning in the perceptual domain with tasks that assess nonverbal concept formation, visual perception and organization, simultaneous processing, and visual-motor coordination,…

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  • MIPS-R Thinking Styles Essay

    In this category, I scored higher on the Internally Focused scale under the first contrasting pair, with a 59. Individuals in who exhibit this trait are immersed deeply in the complexities of their own feelings and thoughts. However, this trait is not very strong for me given that it is 10 points away from the 50th percentile of those who also possess this trait. Significant in this category are the scores for Imaginative/Intuiting and Feeling-Guided, having scored well above the Median on…

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  • Reflection On The Receptivity To Support Services

    I agree with these two area because my Intellectual Interests is probably where it’s suppose to be, it’s pretty accurate on my score percentile. I just don’t find reading books something I do on a regular basis, it’s not fun or entertaining but I would read a book if it’s for a specific class other than that wouldn’t read on my own time. The Receptivity to Support Services is definitely a general topic I agree with since they are all in the higher percentiles. The reason why I agree with this…

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  • Becky Orr Case Study

    Becky’s Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) of 119 (90th percentile) is high average of intellectual functioning. This means she performed better than 90 out of 113 of her peers. We are 95% confident that her score is within a 113-123…

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  • Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog Experiment Report

    NCEA Level 2: Conduct an experiment - Grace Thompson Introduction: It is well debated that adding pressure to students improves the time taken and quality to do a task. But long term consequences of this includes students being highly stressed and unable to to the task without anxiety or lack of sleep. Problem: The purpose of this experiment is to find out if adding pressure to an individual decreases their time to write ’The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’. I wonder if having verbal…

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  • Language Scale Score Essay

    On the four subtests Danny’s full scale score was 55 which is in the extremely low range. The test like everyone does have a small degree of error the low-probability is 90 out of 100 that the true score is between 31 and 45. Danny score is ranked at 0.1 percentile which means that Danny scored as well or better than 0.1 of the examinees his age. The second test Danny was given was the Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS). The OWLS is an assessment of receptive and expressive (oral and…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Daycare

    (2012) support a program which would increase accessibility to formal daycare. Although Notley’s program’s directive is to provide more affordable daycare for shift workers, it inadvertently endorses better health outcomes for children. Currently, many families resort to informal care programs; relatives, neighbors, or babysitters, as daycare costs exceed their income. As demonstrated by McLaren and colleagues, non-relative care increases changes in obesity percentile for boys and low SES girls.…

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  • Evaluating Oral Disorders Case Study

    The TACL-4 consisted of 3 subtests; for the vocabulary subtest the client received a percentile rank of 7, for the grammatical morpheme the client received a percentile rank of 2, and for the elaborated phrases and sentences the client received a percentile rank of 1. With the patient’s total language quotient, the TACL-4 indicated that the child is not developing at the same rate as a typically developing child of his age. In addition to the TACL-4 and the PLS-5, the Comprehensive Receptive…

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