Language Scale Score Essay

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On the four subtests Danny’s full scale score was 55 which is in the extremely low range. The test like everyone does have a small degree of error the low-probability is 90 out of 100 that the true score is between 31 and 45. Danny score is ranked at 0.1 percentile which means that Danny scored as well or better than 0.1 of the examinees his age.
The second test Danny was given was the Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS). The OWLS is an assessment of receptive and expressive (oral and written) language for children and adults 3 to 21 years old. The OWLS consist of three scales listening comprehension, oral expression, and written expression. It assesses not only lexical and syntactic also pragmatic, and supralinguistic structure of language. Below are the scores that Danny received on each scale.
Language Comprehension:" Standard Score "40 Percentile f < 1-7
Oral Composite: Standard Score 40 Percentile < 1
Age Equivalent: < 1
Age Equivalent: 2-10

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The WNft is an individually administered test of intelligence appropriate for ages 4 to 21 years old. The scores on the test average from 90 to 109. The WNft is made up of 4 subtests matrices, coding, spatial span, and picture arrangement. The WNft was designed to target population whose performance on intelligence batteries might be compromised by standard verbal requirements. The WNft is able to test individuals from diverse backgrounds, autistic disorders, developmental delays, instructional challenges, and speech impairment. The WNft is a developmentally appropriate for Danny because Danny does not speak very much. The test was specifically designed for students that do not speak very much so that they can still be tested correctly for special education. The test is very reliable with a probability of 90 out of 100 that the score is

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