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  • The Pros And Cons Of Perdurantism

    Perdurantism is a solution to the problem of change which suggest that objects are four dimensional. Lewis would suggest that the objects have both temporal and spatial parts. While the spatial parts remain, the temporal parts can change. In other words, objects persist through time and change by having temporal parts. In an effort to understand why perdurantism exists, I will describe the circumstances leading to its creation, which will include a description of the elements of change and the problem of change. Then, I will provide a description of an objection to perdurantism. The aim of this paper is to strengthen objections against perdurantism as a viable solution to the problem persistence through time and change Hinchliff suggests that there are four…

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  • Theories Of Perdurantism

    Change in the properties of objects over time is a problem for the persistence of these objects. Properties of objects change over time such as trees growing taller and candles melting. Haslanger (2003) notes that this is a problem if we want to call these objects the same thing after change even though they have incompatible properties (p. 316). The tree in the field cannot have the properties of both being five meters tall and six meters tall. Perdurantism is one of the theories that attempts…

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