Normal distribution

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  • Using Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test To Examine The Normality Of

    the hypotheses and assumptions of one to five using regression analysis and using software Spss18 and then fourth hypothesis using structural equation modeling (Path Analysis) using software Amos22 to confirm or refute the hypothesis of the research study. Hypotheses: 1. Empowerment dimension effect on turnover intention. 2. Interoperability dimensions have an effect on turnover intention. 3. Empowering (General) effect on turnover intention. 4. Interoperability (total) effect on turnover intention. 5. Empowering effect on interoperability. 6.Empowering through interoperability has an effect on turnover intention. Results Since the normal distribution of variables in the regression, is the most important default, before examining hypotheses, using non-parametric test Kolmogorov - Smirnov, was investigated assuming normal distribution of data related to each of the variables. In all tests performed in this study,…

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  • Time Aggregation Effect Of Vvr In Financial Market

    Based on equation 1.1, 1.2 and the methodology proposed by Baumol, with a certain confidence level c, we can work out the VaR by, rVaR=-W_0 (R^*-μ) Equation 1.3 Rearrange equation 1.3 from the standardized variable we can get rVaR=W_0 ασ Equation 1.3.1 I-2 Research Question The general idea of VaR model can be shown by equation 1.3.1. However, there is an assumption for financial institutions to process which is known as time aggregation associate with σ in…

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  • Life After 9/11 Investigation

    We must assume either that each student is independent of each other or that any dependence is minimal in perspective. The population of high school seniors in upstate New York is presumable ten times greater then the sample size of 500 people. We are told in the problem statement that the students were selected at random. Students answers mattered only as a success or failure in whether they planned to attend college or not. In addition, n p̂ >10 at 26 people and n q̂ >10 at 474…

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  • Ace Inc Statistics Case Study

    line workers. A random sample of 71 production line employees were chosen for the survey and the test data results were collected accordingly. The resulting data also includes whether each employee in the sample took a statistics course or not. Ace would like to examine this data in order to prepare analysis report to the management team. Statistical Results 1. In this study of test scores and took statistics course, each variable in the sample data is characterized by creating a histogram and…

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  • Non Preferred Hand Pattern Essay

    Discussion: The distribution of each graph is quite comparable as they have similar means and standard deviation, where the preferred hand has a mean of 16.33 and a standard deviation of 2.842 whilst the non-preferred hand has a mean of 17.2 and standard deviation of 2.848. The normal distribution graph of each can be seen below: Preferred Hand vs. Non-preferred Hand: The graphs and boxplots (Figures 1.3- 1.6) seen previously in the results indicate that the two results did not have a normal…

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  • Statistics Review

    parametric and nonparametric analyses of variance referred to as ANOVA by sum of squares or ANOVA by rank, respectively (Figure 2). Pearson product moment correlation coefficient It can be used to measure the intensity of association between variables. The data must be normally distributed. It defines both the strength and direction of the linear relationship between two variables. It does not imply causation. Regression analysis Regression quantifies the numerical relationship between 2…

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  • Cat Food Case Study

    ------------------------------------------------- A life insurance company wants to estimate their annual payouts. Assume that the probability distribution of the lifetimes of the participants is approximately a normal distribution with a mean of 68 years and a standard deviation of 4 years. What proportion of the plan recipients would receive payments beyond age 74? Round your result to four significant places after the decimal. 4. ------------------------------------------------- The…

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  • Assignment 3 Data Analysis

    105 0 10 8.05 2.322 -1.177 .236 .805 .467 Valid N (listwise) 105 The descriptive statistics of the mean and standard deviation interpret that there is a negative skewness and a positive kurtosis. Tests of Normality Kolmogorov-Smirnova Shapiro-Wilk Statistic df Sig. Statistic df Sig. quiz3 .221 105 .000 .818 105 .000 a. Lilliefors Significance Correction The Shapiro –Wilk tests shows a p-value of .000 therefore we can round up to .001 and accept that the data comes from a normal…

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  • Definition Of Six Sigma

    perfection. Higher sigma capability, better performance. Six Sigma emerged as a natural evolution in business to increase profit by eliminating defects. The Current business environment now demands and rewards innovation more than ever before due to: Customer Expectations Technological Change Global Competition Market Fragmentation The Normal Distribution has: symmetry about the center f(x) ≥0 for all x mean = median = mode Total area under the curve bounded by x axis is 1 Normal…

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  • Cowles And Davis 2006

    Question 1 Cowles and Davis (2016) discussed several factors that contributed to the adoption of the .05 level of statistical significance. The first factor discussed was the discovery that computations can be utilized to measure observational error, by and astronomer, Lambert Adolphe Quetelet. This discovery led to the development of the normal distribution curve utilized today (Cowles & Davis, 2016). Following the development of the normal distribution curve, a measure of variability known…

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