The Importance Of Divorce

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I happened to be around eleven or twelve years old when my dad told me that he decided that he wanted to get a divorce with my mom. At the time that age can be key because it was not super young nor super old. The day he told me the news I felt my heart break, the silence was so quiet you could hear a feather hit the ground. I felt so much emotional pain that I could not even bring tears to my eyes. It was such a sad moment in my life because I did not see it happening to me or my family. I have had a lot friends who have gone through divorces and they would often tell me stories about how hard and complicated divorce can be. The constant back and forth of going between the parent’s houses can be tough. I always felt sad when they told me, …show more content…
I would stay at my dad’s house one week and my mom’s house the other. It would get so exhausting having to go back and forth, there was times where I would forget things at my dad’s when I was at my moms and vice versa. The one thing that bothered me a lot was that the energy with my family would never be the same. Although I do see them often there is always that little bit of me that wishes they were still together. It took me a while to understand that the world is not going to end because my parents are not together. I do not want my parents to be unhappy together, so I rather them be happy apart then miserable. The advice my friends and family gave me helped me out a lot. I feel really grateful to have both of my parents happy and always in my life. Not once did I ever feel alone even though they were apart and I thank them for that. I have a wonderful family that cares about me and my siblings so much. However, the times I do come across people who are older than me and they tell me how their parents have been together for this and that amount of years, to me is rude. If everyone was accepting and understanding about how things change overtime it would not only make my life better but the people around

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